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11+ & 13+ Funded Places

FUNDED PLACES OPEN DAY:  November 10th 2018 at 1.30pm

If you are interested in sending your son to Radley, but would require additional financial support, this is an opportunity to see the school, hear the Headmaster speak, ask questions and meet some of our current pupils. It is an informal day, for parents and their children. Everyone is welcome - particularly those whose sons are currently at a state primary school. To book your place please call 01235 543 174 or complete the Enquiry Form and we can send you further details.


11+ Funded Places 

We are happy to be able to offer several unconditional Funded Places to boys at the 11+ stage. 

Funded Places awards are organised as follows: 

A. Boys currently NOT at private school:

We are looking to make a number of awards to boys currently not in the private sector, whereby Radley will contribute to the fees (up to 100%) for Years 7 and 8 at a prep school.  These awards are means tested and will go to talented boys with potential to be academic leaders at Radley.  The parents of successful candidates will be able to choose the prep school for their son and will benefit from the considerable number of contacts and strong relationships that Radley has with prep schools around the country.

The application process is as follows:

1. Contact the Admissions Office at Radley or complete the below application form and send back to: The Registrar, Radley College, Abingdon, OX14 2HR (Tel: 01235 543122 Fax: 01235 543106) by 20 November 2018   

2019-2021 11+ Funded Places Application Form

2. On receipt of your form we can invite you for a visit or you can attend our Funded Places Visiting Day on November 10th 2018. 

3. If your son is in Year 5 or has just joined Year 6, we will send you an Application Form which will also have a Financial Circumstances Form to complete. 

4. The Assessment Day is held on a Saturday in mid-April of Year 6 each year.  Candidates will sit the ISEB CPT test on that day, and will also be interviewed (30 minutes) by the Warden (Headmaster) or a Senior Master.  We will send you full details of the assessment day on receipt of your Application Form.

5. In May of Year 6, we will send results.  If your son is successful he will receive an unconditional offer of a place at Radley and we will work with you to find a suitable prep school where we will be able to help with the fees on a means tested basis (up to 100%).   Some parents may decide not to choose a prep school at this stage but they are still able to take up the unconditional offer.

6. After two years at a prep school, we expect these candidates to sit our academic scholarship papers but this can be discussed with the school nearer the time.  An updated means tested form would need to be completed at this time.

B. Boys who currently receive financial support at a Prep School

We appreciate that a number of talented boys have already moved to the private sector with financial support, who will need further help at senior school.  We welcome such applicants and are looking to offer a number of funded places, each year. 

The application process is as follows:

1. Speak with your son’s school to discuss the application and, if they think Radley is the right school for your son, then either contact the Admissions Office at Radley or download an enquiry form and return it to admissions@radley.org.uk

2. On receipt of your form we will invite you for a visit or you can attend our Informal Visit Day on 8th October 2018.  Please call the Admissions Office for details.

3. As soon as applications open (around June/July of Year 5), we will send you an Open Entry Application Form. It will ask you to let us know if you need financial support.  Boys who currently receive financial supoprt at prep school will be sent a Financial Circumstances Form to complete if your son is shortlisted for assessment.

4. Follow the Open Entry process as with all other applicants and, if your son is shortlisted the results will be sent in May of Year 6, with the following possible outcomes for Funded Places candidates:  

i) if a boy is unquestionably scholarship standard we will make a firm offer of financial support when the Open Entry results are sent. The offer will include a guide as to the amount of support we can offer based on the family's financial circumstances at this point; this will need to be reviewed in the year of entry in case there is a change in circumstances.

ii) if a boy is clearly strong, but we don't feel he is as yet a guaranteed scholar, we will offer him a place without charging the Acceptance Fee, but ask you to enter him for scholarship in the year of entry.  If he is successful in gaining an award at that stage, we will be able to confirm the financial support available.  Meanwhile, as a guide, we will let parents know how much support the Bursar thinks Radley will be able to give you should your son gain a scholarship.  This will need to be checked again nearer the time in case your financial position has changed.

iii) there will be some boys who are shortlisted,  but who will be placed on our Waiting List.  We might reach them in due course but all of them are welcome to enter as non-registered scholars in the year of entry.

13+ Funded Places

Talented boys who have not applied at the 11+ stage are encouraged to enter our scholarship process held in the year before entry (Year 8).  Means tested awards of up to 100% are available to those who gain a scholarship. We offer scholarships in the following areas: academic, music, sport, art and drama.

The process, for anyone who requires financial support beyond 5% of the annual fees is as follows:

1. Contact the Registrar as early as possible.  We will arrange a visit for you to see the school and meet the Warden.  If your son is talented in either music or sport, we will try to arrange an audition or trial with the relevant department. 

2. If you wish to proceed with the application, you can download the scholarship application form anytime from 1st June in the year before entry (Year 8).  We will send a Financial Circumstances Form to anyone who needs financial support, which you will need to complete and return before your son comes for his scholarship assessment (Year 8).

3. Results will be sent around two weeks after the scholarship assessment day.  If your son is successful in gaining an award we will let you know the level of support that we are able offer, taking into account your family’s financial circumstances.

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