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13+ Overseas Entry

13+ Overseas Entry 

The following applies to all candidates who are currently schooled overseas.  Please note that it is in the interests of all applications from Mainland China to apply through BE Education who, for a small fee, will advise as to whether Radley is the best school for your son and guide prosepctive candidates through the entry process.

Name: Ellen Xu
Email: ex@be.co 

Name: William He
Email: william.he@be.co

2019 and 2020 entrants:

Applications for 2019 and 2020 Open Entry Overseas is now closed except for Scholarship.  Application forms for 2021 entry are now available.  

We often find that candidates from overseas apply slightly later than those who are schooled in the UK.  It is still possible to gain a place at Radley for 2019 and 2020 through the scholarship route, but competition is very tough and a boy should be of scholarship standard.  Please review our scholarship section and, if you think your son is a strong candidate, simply follow the instructions on those pages for entry – the system for overseas scholarship applicants is exactly the same as for UK candidates.  We would be delighted to hear from you.

Overseas applications: General summary for 2022 onwards:

Below is a guide on how we address overseas applications if you have not registered your son.  We very much welcome applicants from overseas and the entry process is very similar to that of UK applicants but the deadlines are slightly later in order to make this an easier process for those who are unfamiliar with the UK system.

If you have not yet made an enquiry, please order a prospectus online  or contact our office giving us your son’s name, date of birth, parents’ contact details (including email) and we will automatically be added to our Open Entry Enquiry List and we will send you the Entry Form as soon as the process opens.  There is no fee payable at this stage.

As a guide, the timings of our entry process for overseas students are as follows: 

Anytime from four years before entry (eg. 2018 for 2022 entry):  please contact Radley Admissions and arrange a visit to the school.

July, three years before entry (eg. 2019 for 2022 entry):  so long as you have made an enquiry (as above) you will be sent an Entry Form to complete.  An entry fee of £250 is charged at this point.

End of January, two years before entry (eg. 2020 for 2022 entry):  the deadline for Radley to receive the completed Entry Form.

Mid February, two years before entry (eg. 2020 for 2022 entry): the deadline for-

i) candidates to sit the ISEB Common pre-test (which can be sat at his school or an approved invigilation centre)

ii) Radley must also receive a confidential report from a candidate’s school by the same date.

End of March, two years before entry (eg. 2020 for 2022 entry): Radley will contact parents to let them know if their son has been shortlisted for assessment. Assessments are held at Radley and it is important for candidates to attend. Non-shortlisted candidates will be withdrawn from our lists.

April/May, two years before entry (eg. 2020 for 2022 entry):  Official Assessment Days, held at Radley.  Candidates will be interviewed and will also sit an English Assessment.  It is important for parents to come on this day to visit Socials (houses) and meet the Warden (Headmaster).

End of May two years before entry (eg. 2020 for 2022 entry):  Radley will send results as follows:

Successful candidates:  these boys will receive an unconditional offer.  We will need candidates to send another report, and sit an English and Maths assessment for setting purposes only in the year of entry.

Waiting list:  remaining candidates will be placed on a Waiting List and we will let parents know the approximate position of their son on those lists.



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