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2021 Open Entry Overseas

2021 Open Entry Overseas

Application forms for 2021 Open Entry are now available. (See the right hand side of this page).  Overseas applicants follow this timeline:

1. By 31 January 2019: 

- Complete the Application Form and return it to admissions@radley.org.uk with the Entry Fee (£250).  We will acknowledge receipt of your application to the email addresses provided on your form and will contact the invigilator (see point 2 below) to help guide them through the ISEB Common Pre-Test.  This test is a standardised, age adaptive measure of ability and attainment. It takes the form of an online assessment consisting of multiple-choice questions in Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, English and Mathematics. The tests take approximately two and a half hours to complete and can be taken together or at separate times. Full details can be found on the ISEB website (www.iseb.co.uk).

- If your son is a potential music or sport scholar, please complete the relevant form and email it to Admissions (no references required by this date).

2. By 11 February 2019: 

- Your son must have sat the ISEB Common Pre-test by this date.  He can either sit the test at his school or at a recognised invigilation centre, approved by Radley - please email admissions@radley.org.uk to check this in advance.  (All mainland Chinese applicants must apply through BE Education.  If you are in Hong Kong then the Brandon Learning Centre, Academic Asia, Arch Education and Brittania Studylink are all are all suitable centres). Please give a copy of the Application Form to the invigilation centre as they will be responsible for the arrangements for him to sit the ISEB CPT.

- A School Report must be completed and returned to us by your son's school. On receipt of your Application Form, we will send you a template of the school report. We recommend that you give it to your son’s school as early as possible in order that this does not arrive late.  In exceptional cases we will accept school reports that are in a different format but please liaise with us before taking this approach.

- If your son has sat UKiset, we also need to receive the UKiset results by this date.

- If your son is a potential scholar in either music or sport (see the scholarship section of our website for a guide), please arrange for the relevant music/sport references to be completed by his teacher/coach and returned to the relevant department at Radley, with the form by this date.

We will write to parents by the end of March 2019 to let you know whether or not your son has been shortlisted for assessment at Radley.  Official Assessment Days will then be allocated to shortlisted candidates.  If there are any that you prefer, feel free to let us know and we will try to book your son in for that date should he be shortlisted.

Please note that if your son has not yet visited Radley, he should do so before the Assessment Day and, if you let us know, we would be happy to arrange a tour the day before his official assessment. 

Open Entry results will be given as follows:

A List 

An unconditional offer.  Those who accept will be asked to pay the Acceptance Fee of £1,500 and a refundable deposit of one term's fees.  On acceptance of the offer, and payment of the fees, a place at Radley will be secure. Parents will have the oppourtunity to view two Socials (boarding houses) and meet Tutors (housemasters), and will be able to state a preference from those Socials that they have seen.  Candidates will be asked to sit an English anad Maths test in Year 8 for setting purposes only.  Radley reserves the right to withdraw the offer in exceptional circumstances.

Waiting List (B List)

We cannot offer a firm place at present, but would expect to reach a good number of boys who are on the B List in due course.  Unconditional offers will be made as and when places arise. 


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