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Michaelmas Term 2015

Summer Term 2015

Lent Term 2015

Michaelmas Term 2014

Summer Term 2014

Michaelmas Term 2013


Summer Term 2018

Leaver's Recital - Jasper Perry


Lent Term 2018

Footsteps Concert

6.1 Play: Hangmen

Piano Extravaganza 2018

Yaron Brook on Free Speech

6th Form Entry Film 

Concerto Concert

Gunn Cup 2018

Debate 5-2-18 Nuclear Weapons

Declamations 2018 6.2

Declamations 2018 6.1

Declamations 2018 Fifths

Declamations 2018 Removes

Declamations 2018 Shells

Percussion Day Concert 2

Percussion Day Concert 1

New Year Concert


Michaelmas Term 2017

Radley Clerkes singing in the snow

Carol Service: December 11th

Carol Service 2017: December 9th

The Hudson Cup 2017

Oedipus the King

Holocaust Study Day 

Remembrance Music and Readings 2017 

Remembrance Day 2017

Radley, A Brief Tour

Partsong 2017

Scholars' Concert

Scholars' Concert - Torchlight extract

Big Band Jazz Concert


Summer Term 2017

Items marked "USB" are also available on USB Drive - Click for details

RML Retirement Concert - Part 1

RML Retirement Concert - Part 2

Gaudy 2017

RML Concert: Les Misérables Medley

RML Concert: "Me"

1st VIII Training

Bigside Highlights 2016

Leaver's Recital: Arran Ryder

Leaver’s Recital: Freddie Elwes

Lever’s Recital: Ignacio Urzaiz

"EVOLUTION" A film by Clem Giuseppetti and Team

The Wind in the Willows: Dress Rehearsal Clips

The Wind in the Willows: Behind the scenes

The Milligan Musical Theatre Cup Final 2017 (USB)

Radley - The Voting and Result

Question Time

Election Interview: George Dillon-Robinson

Election Interview: Joe Trafford

Election Interview: Stash Samoilys

Election Interview: Jack Barclay

Election Interview: Benedict Yorston

Ben Zhang: Wharton Piano Prize Winner

The Wharton Piano Prize (USB)

Warden's Music: Full Version (USB)

Warden's Music: Orchestra

Warden's Music: Big Band

Alex Knipe, B Social, Shell

6.1 University Talk

Lent Term 2017

Chapel Choral Concert (USB)

LB Cup Final 2017 (USB)

Arthur Tapner EPQ Recital

Junior Play "Once in a Lifetime" Act 1 (USB)

Junior Play "Once in a Lifetime" Act 2 (USB)

Dr Yaron Brook: The Morality of Capitalism


Michaelmas Term 2016

Link to 2016 Bigside Matches - password required

"Flop!" by Arran Ryder and Freddie Elwes

Declamations 2017 Reprise

SDJC's Leaver's Recital

The Making of "Titanic the Musical"

Carol Service Monday

Christmas Concert

Carol Service Sunday

Carol Service Saturday

Bigside Promo Video

Perspectives on the Holocaust

Remembrance Service

'Titanic, the Musical': Rehearsals video

Inter-Social Partsong Competition

Radley, A Brief Guide

Vision Event

Our Vision for Radley

Thank you Radley

Music Scholars' Concert

The Twelve Labours of Radley

Shell Tug of War

James Maidment - Talk to Shells & Parents

Warden - Talk to Shells & Parents

Summer Term 2016

Bunbury Cricket Festival

Leaver's Recital - Adam Hargreaves

Leaver's Recital - Luka Jibuti

Hamish Aird's 50 years at Radley

Gaudy 2016

Honduras - New Species of Mouse

Final Twilight Organ Recital

National Prep School Golf Championships

Ferguson Singing Cup

1st VIII Rowing Video

Glimpses of Radley 1991 - 2008

The Wharton Piano Prize

Clips of the National Schools Regatta

Butterworth Centenary Festival Friday 27 May

Butterworth Gala Concert Thursday 26 May

Polo Highlights (vs Eton)

H Social Summer Concert - The Weathermen

C Social Cultural Evening - Harri Guy

James Wesson Memorial Service

Warden's Music

Warden's Music Timings

University Applications 2016

Gehandu Community Partnership: School Trip

Lent Term 2016

Winter 2016

Piano Extravaganza 2016

LB Cup Final March 2016 - Highlights

F Social Culture Evening - Jasper Perry

A Social Culture Evening - Max Armfield

LB Football Cup Final - First Half

LB Football Cup Final - Second Half / Extra Time / Penalties

6th Form Entry Video

Concerto Concert 2016

Guitar Prize - Acoustic

Guitar Prize - Electric

Guitar Prize - Winner: Max Armfield


Declamations Reprise

Henry IV Part 1 - excerpts

Radley College Sailing Club

Henry IV Rehearsals


Michaelmas Term 2015

Rugby - Bigside Highlights

Radley at Christmas - Carol Service excerpts

Radley at Christmas - Christmas Concert

Richard II clips

Steeplechase 2015

Remembrance Service & Flypast excerpts

Fauré Requiem clip

Aerial Shots of Autumn

Sailing CompetitionMusic Scholars' Invitation Concert

The Opening of the Rowing Tank


          Part 1 (Socials: B,E,K,G,D)

          Part 2 (Socials: C,J,H,A,F)


The Dons' Play

          Part 1

          Part 2

Blues and Royals

          The March from Mem Arch to Mansion

          The Service in Chapel



Summer Term 2015

Shell PlayThe 1st VIII Rowing

Senior Rowing

Junior Rowing

C Social Cultural Evening: Bohemian RhapsodyThe Milligan Musical Theatre Cup: The Winning Performance

          'Maestro': Conducting Masterclass

Leavers' Recitals

          Will Dodd and Ned Campbell

          Charlie Saunders

          Callum Chamberlain

          Edward Walker

The Wharton Piano Prize

          Will Dodd: Toccata by Kachaturian          Max Benson: Memorial Blues by Gabriel Jackson

H Social Summer Concert

          I Believe          Harry and Paul          Do Dogs Have Brains          Hooters

The Warden's Music

          The Radley Clerkes          Jupiter from the Planets

Mock Election Candidate Interviews with The Warden

          George Trelawny: Mebyon Kernow (Sons of Cornwall)          Charlie Rothbarth: Green Party          Edward Whitbread: Labour Party          George Dillon-Robinson: UKIP

          Ollie Horridge: Conservative Party          Yannis Gidopoulos: Liberal Democrat Party          Archie Clifton-Brown: The Empire Party



Lent Term 2015

Excerpts from Montiverdi VespersPiano Extravaganza

Snow Scenes: Set to music sung by Callum Chamberlain

B Social Cultural Evening

          YPC - Performed by Ed Biggart, Will Homan, Lorenzo Edwards-Jones

K Social Cultural Evening

          Alex Hutton

F Social Cultural Evening

          Sit Down          Sweet Home Alabama

E Social Cultural Evening

          6.1 Dance

J Social Cultural Evening

          Hallelujah          No Diggity vs Thrift Shop

Declamations Reprise

          Introduction and J Bowesman-Jones, O Daly, C le Grice and R Betley          E Whitbread, J Walker, J Cunningham, A McChesney and H Chapman          E Andrew, F Barbour, R Eyre, A Ryder and F Salter

Gunn Cup Winners

          William Robson (Trumpet): Concorde by R Newsome          Jamie Codrington (Flute): Spiral Lament by I Clarke

A Social Cultural Evening

          A selection of Clips



Michaelmas Term 2014

Bigside Highlights 2014Clips from the Carol ServiceClips from the Christmas Concert

The Steeplechase HighlightsClips from the Making of 'The Producers'

Remembrance Sunday

Haddon Cup: Winning Performance (H Social)

The Installation of Warden MouleQuestion Time: Clips Including the Heated Exchange

Hudson String Prize Winners

          William Dodd (Cello): Allegro Vivace - from Sonata by Jacob          Ned Rees (Cello): Air by Le Fleming

Inter-Social Partsong Competition

          Mexican Wave          F Social          A Social          H Social          J Social          C Social          D Social          G Social          K Social          E Social          B Social

Music Scholars' Invitation Concert

          Ending of Brass Ensemble: 'Canzon Bergamasque' by Scheidt          Radley Clerkes: 'O Waly Waly'

Grenadier Guards: Laying up of the Old Colours

          Opening March          Highlights of the Service



Summer Term 2014

Glimpses of Gaudy

The Shell Play: The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew

High-Speed Video around Radley with the 'Be-Steady' Rig

The Wharton Piano Competition: The Winning Performance by William Dodd

B Social Fundraising Day: Helen Clarke Heptathlon

Daniel Shackleton Leaver's Recital

          Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 by Villa-Lobos          Nocturne No.19 in E minor op post 72 by Chopin

H Social Summer Concert

          Blindsided: Freddie Light

          Ed Whitbread and Will Walker          Henry Parkin, Arran Ryder, Jack Footer and George Eaton: I See Fire

The Warden's Music

          A Compilation of Excerpts from the Concert          The Steam Train to Mallaig          Mardi Gras

Rowing Training

          Various Crews          The 1st VIII Training


Lent Term 2014

Clips from the 6.1 Play: Journey's End

Baroque Music in Chapel: An Extract from 'Gloria' (Vivaldi)

The Opening of Clock Tower Court

Chapel Choir at Salisbury Cathedral

Declamations Reprise

The Remove Play: Red Noses

Rowing filmed by O.R. Rory Ford

G Social Cultural Evening

          Ben Hambro: Don't Think Twice

B Social Cultural Evening

          The Savoy Dance          RMCG's Egg Trick

A Social Cultural Evening

          A selection of Clips          Concerning Language

J Social Cultural Evening

          Ben Fish and Henry Soundy: High Hopes

E Social Cultural Evening

Ned Campbell: Somewhere from West Side StoryCallum Chamberlain: Nella Fantasia by Ennio MorriconeLeo Clasen & James Swash: Four Chords Song by Axis of Awesome



Michaelmas Term 2013

Two Clips from Act 1 of The International Inspector by Robert Lowe

Clips from the Carol Service

Clips from the Christmas Concert

Time Lapse of the Construction of Clock Tower Court

Tour of Clock Tower Court with Architect Rod Graham

The Steeplechase

Opening Sequence from the Duruflé Requiem

CCF Bi-Annual Inspection

Memorial Arch Flypast

Inter-Social Partsong Competition

Haddon CupFerguson Singing Competition: The Winning Performance by James Swash

Bigside Highlights

          Tries against Sherborne, Eton, Oundle and Tonbridge          The Silk Cup

F Social Cultural Evening

          Quartetto in G by Mozart          Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses

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