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B Social

The aesthetically unparalleled location of B Social means as boys return to their newly refurbished boarding house they pass a lake, golf course, and perfectly manicured playing fields just a stone's throw away. B Social celebrates the multifarious talents and achievements of all boys and the resultant camaraderie across the year groups in the Social's close-knit community is particularly apparent. This is best epitomised, perhaps, by their winning of the whole school cross-country for the last consecutive nine years (in which every runner regardless of ability contributes to a Social's overall score). B Social boys and staff alike take a genuinely keen interest in the lives of others in the boarding house, be it in the buzz of nightly Cocoa or supporting each other in the multitude of school events which take place at Radley. From ex-England cricket captain Andrew Strauss to more recent B Social alumni, they all refer to being proud of being a member of such a thriving and happy boarding house.

Charlie Scott Malden

Tutor of B Social

CESM.Scott Malden@radley.org.uk

Born in Oxford, I have undergraduate degrees in both English and Politics & Sociology and a Master's in English Literature from Corpus Christi, Cambridge. Growing up, I spent a lot of time in Australia and the Caribbean - both undoubtedly influencing my sporting and musical tastes - before returning to go to Cheam and then on to Sherborne. My first teaching job was in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1998, after which I worked in business consultancy and then publishing in London. I returned to teaching as Head of English & Sport before becoming Director of Studies at a prep school in Oxford. At Radley, I teach A-level and GCSE English, coach 2nd XI cricket and the Colts As hockey side, and edit various school publications. My wife, Sophia, also teaches (History at St. Helen & St. Katharine's) and our two children, Beatrice (6) and Max (3), both go to Chandlings.

Mell Devlin

B Social Pastoral Housemistress


I joined B Social as Pastoral Housemistress in January 2008, after relocating to England from Zimbabwe, where I had lived for most of my life. This has been a delightful and rewarding position. As I watch the boys transform into gentlemen, the daily routine just becomes more interesting and fulfilling.

Patrick Ford

B Social sub tutor



After graduating with a degree in Modern History from Queen Mary, University of London, I co-founded a catering company and also worked on the run-up to the 2015 General Election whilst completing a Masters, again in History. I taught History & Politics at Solihull School in the West Midlands before joining Radley for September 2017. 

When not in the classroom, on the sports pitches, or sub-Tutoring in B Social, I enjoy travelling, reading, good beer, cooking, and all things cricket.

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