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C Social

C Social is located at the heart of the College next to the new academic building, Clock Tower Court. It is a detached boarding house, with boys' study bedrooms arranged over three floors around a central garden. We promote tolerance and respect for others whilst developing and supporting a boy's ambition. Strong friendships are formed within individual year groups; however, we take great pride in the encouragement shown between boys, of all ages, within the Social. Boys join C Social from a variety of Prep schools, both traditional boarding and day; the support given by the Tutor and a fully involved and engaging group of Sub-Tutors, Prefects and Mentors ensures a smooth transition into Public school. Shell boys are located next to the Pastoral Housemistress, who oversees their daily routines and provides caring and friendly guidance. All boys are actively encouraged to take part in a wide range of College activities to broaden their experiences. Within Social boys are involved in debating, public speaking and at the end of each year present a Cultural Evening to parents. We have developed a link with Newman College School in Harlesdon and hope through the partnership to widen a boy's outlook. C Social is a welcoming boarding house, aiming to promote strong values of leadership, kindness and ambition.

Stephen Giddens

Tutor of C Social, MASTER I/C SQUASH



I was born and raised in New Zealand and left the country in 2002 with a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences, an M.Sc. in Cellular and Molecular Biology, and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. This led me to Oxford University where I worked as a scientist for nearly six years on projects as diverse as the evolution of bacteria and the development of a biological fuel cell.  I have been sharing these experiences and my passion for Biology with Radley students of all years and abilities since 2008. Over the last four years I have also looked after those students who want to pursue a career in medicine and in veterinary sciences. 

My New Zealand heritage means that I enjoy dabbling in any sport, although if given the choice I would probably be found skiing in the hills. Since coming to Radley College I have looked after Midgets tennis and helped in the football club. However, my most satisfying contribution to sport has been as Master-in-Charge of squash, which has given me the chance over the last seven years to help nurture the boys’ enthusiasm for the sport and build a friendly and successful club.

James Sheldrake

C Social sub tutor



After English degrees at Warwick and Oxford, I joined the London freelance scramble for a couple of years, mostly writing and broadcasting about Shakespeare. I then did a year of teaching at a London day school before joining Radley in September 2016. Since then, I have thrown myself into as much of school life as I can find time for. Whether teaching English, directing a play, supervising squash practice or simply turning up to concerts, boarding affords the don an unrivalled opportunity to get to know the whole boy. This, I find, is fulfilling and productive for teacher and pupil alike.

Radley has a superb body of staff and Amy and I have been enthusiastically welcomed to the community since our arrival. I look forward immensely to the new challenges and pleasures of Sub-Tutoring in C Social. We are joined in this endeavour by our labradoodle Earnest.

Dawn Shand

C Social Pastoral Housemistress


After having worked a number of years in the National Healthcare, I joined Radley in 2013 as Pastoral Housemistress of C Social.

I enjoy the friendships of the boys, whilst at the same time, providing a caring and supportive approach towards them, ensuring each boy feels valued as an individual. It is a fulfilling role and very rewarding.

I have three adult children and two grandsons and enjoy spending time with them outside of term time.

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