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Careers & Connections

Careers and Connections

Whether you are at the beginning, middle, or end of your career, most people need some help at some stage. The Radleian Society aims to support all Radleians, past and present by offering access to several networking and mentoring resources.

Radleian Society profile - through connecting with the Radleian Society on LinkedIn, you can see other Radleians and use it as a means of connecting or re-connecting with individuals.  This is a closed network, only open to those in the Radleian Society.  It is managed by Caroline Monaghan, Events & Communications Manager of the Radleian Society.    

Radley For Life (RFL) - a 'gated' LinkedIn group started by a group of Old Radleians to specifically support those who need support building their business network and/or their career.  The RFL group is an arena for current Radleians, Old Radleians and parents past and present to provide mentoring and float ideas, to job hunt or recruit, or simply to re-connect and arrange regional get-togethers of 'like-minded' groups.

CV design services - for those embarking on their first foray into the workplace, or alternatively those who want to 'freshen-up' their CV, one of our ORs offers a unique service.  Contact Duncan Crole for more information.

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