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Central Hour

Central Hour succeeds lunch and lasts from 13:30 until 14:40, in which time boys are able to catch up with work, play music, or simply relax.

There are a number of music ensemble rehearsals at this time, with Orchestra, Concert Band, Choir, Brass Ensemble and many others meeting weekly in Central Hour. Individual music lessons can be organised between these times and Coffee Concerts, which are short performances by boys, happen throughout the year in Central Hour, and are marked in the calendar.

Apart from Music, Central Hour offers great times to arrange extra-curriculum activities. Extra English classes often take place here, as do one-off situations like play auditions, for example. Some minor sports courts are open in Central Hour, such as Rackets, Squash and Real Tennis, and are usually great to practice on or just play with a friend for fun.

On Friday, Central Hour is taken up with form master's period, when boys meet in their forms to discuss issues, talk about upcoming events at school and receive their report cards once every three weeks.

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