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Support for charities is an integral part of the Radley ethos. Whether it involves raising money, or giving up time to volunteer, our boys are deeply involved in such projects. Volunteering and fundraising takes place on a college-wide, social and individual basis. 

In September 2016, all boys and dons took part in the '12 Labours of Radley' which raised £82,000 for three charities which were chosen by the boys. Challenges ranged from running up as many stairs to rowing as far as possible. In June 2017, the entire Fifth Form volunteered at 15 local charities for a day taking part in activities such as litter picking, art projects, music therapy and gardening. 

On the Social front, we have had a 24-hour football challenge, concerts, a second-hand clothes sale and there are exciting projects which lie ahead. All through the year, boys (individually or in small groups) do volunteering and fundraising for charities close to their hearts. There have been 'Radley Crisps', photo mosaics, bike rides, marathons, triathlons, channel swims, music concerts and many more projects. 

The photographs below show a broad range of fundraising activities including a modern version of 'The Twelve Labours of Hercules', fundraising for The Brain Tumour charity, Fifths Fundraising Week and fundraising for Young Minds.

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