• Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 2HR
  • Telephone: 01235 543000, Fax: 01235 543106





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The department consists of a team of five full-time chemists who all teach to A level together with other staff who teach up to IGCSE.

The Chemistry department is located in a spacious and well-appointed building. There are four large teaching laboratories and a Chemistry lecture theatre, all served by a large central prep room.

The department has also been involved with the publication of many popular Chemistry texts at A level, aimed at students as well as teachers.

Chemistry is taught to all boys in the lower school in preparation for Edexcel International GCSE Science (Dual Award) (4SC0), taken at the end of the Vth form (Year 11).

A Level Chemistry is a popular subject in the sixth form. We follow the OCR Chemistry A (H034 H434) specification, one of the most popular courses in the country.



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