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Christian Forum

Christian Forum offers boys from all year-groups an opportunity to meet together to explore Christianity further and gain encouragement to keep going in their faith.

Every Tuesday there is a meeting  at 9.05pm at The Chaplain's House, 3 Lower Shrubbery, run by EOH and DWSR, with an outside speaker going through a bible passage followed by a chance to talk over refreshments afterwards. 

A parents' prayer group also meets regularly each term to pray for the Radley community.  The aim of the group is to support the College, dons and pupils in prayer during the academic school year, to encourage those involved in the Christian Forum with all the activities that they run for the boys, and to get to know other parents within the school. 

We welcome parents from all years, meeting in H Social sitting room for coffee and a chat before going on to pray.  Some parents participate in the prayers whilst others sit in quiet contemplation – whatever feels right to the individual.

The dates of each term’s meetings are in the school calendar and on the website; the meetings are usually before exeats from 11.00 am (latecomers welcome, we are all at the mercy of traffic conditions etc)!

For more information please contact Ed Holt (eoh.holt@radley.org.uk)  or Caroline Robson (cjrrobson@btinternet.com

For enquiries please contact EOH.Holt@radley.org.uk

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