• Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 2HR
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The Classics Department is staffed by five full time and two part time teachers, in its own suite of rooms opposite Mansion.

All boys at Radley study either Latin or Classical Civilisation in the Shell Year, with around 30 boys studying Greek in addition. At GCSE we offer Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation, and 80 to 90 boys typically opt for at least one of the subjects.

At A Level, boys can study Latin, Greek and Classics, in which both Literature (in translation) and Ancient History papers are taught. Usually 20 to 25 boys opt for at least one of these, combining them with a wide variety of other A Levels. The subject area leads naturally to a number of university courses, most commonly Classics or the large range of degrees centred on combinations of Classical Studies, Ancient History and Archaeology.

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