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Common Entrance

Common Entrance for 2016 to 2018 entry

Preparatory School Boys

All boys who have conditional offers, who are currently educated at a UK preparatory school, or who are being officially prepared for CE by their current school, must sit the Common Entrance or the Academic Scholarship.

Radley’s pass mark for Common Entrance is 60%. The pass mark needs to be achieved in Maths and English, as well as overall. If parents or prep schools are concerned that a candidate will not reach this standard at CE, they are advised to enter the CE Guidance Assessment held at Radley in the October or January before entry, which gives guidance as to the suitability of candidates. 

The ISEB website has the curriculum content on which the exams are based and examples of past papers.

Preparatory Schools are sent full details of the Levels required at CE and parents should liaise with their son’s school, in the first instance, if there are any queries.   Boys who are not doing Latin at school will not be expected to take it as part of the entrance exam or, generally, to study it at Radley.


Overseas boys or those not being prepared for Common Entrance

For boys who are not being prepared for CE by their current school in the UK, we arrange a modified Common Entrance programme whereby boys would only be expected to take Common Entrance papers in Maths, English, Science and a Modern Language (if he is studying one at school). If a candidate has no previous experience of French he will be expected to start French in the first year and study it to GCSE. 

If your son has received a conditional offer, we will send full details of how to enter the Common Entrance.   If you have any concerns in the meantime, please contact the Registrar to discuss your particular circumstances so that we can advise accordingly or do look at the ISEB website for more information.


2019 onwards (all candidates)

From 2019, when we have introduced the Open Entry system, any candidates with an unconditional offer will be required to sit Common Entrance largely for setting purposes. Candidates who attend schools that do not specifically prepare boys for 13+ CE will not be required to sit the CE at 13+ but we will require updated school reports.

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