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Declamation Finals

Declamation Finals

On the evening of the 5th of February 2018 the Declamation finals took place. All the participants put in an excellent performance and can be commended for their effort. 

After careful scrutiny from the judges the top three from each year group were selected. On Wednesday the 6th of February 2018 there will be the Declamation reprisal where our 15 medal winners will have a chanc to showcase their pieces. 

Special thanks goes out to all those that made the event possible and to all the boys for their participation. 

The Declamations form part of the 100 Radley objects. You can read more on this at the following link: https://100radleyobjects.wordpress.com/




The 15 medal winners can be seen below: 


Gold: Tom Way (from Henry V - Shakespeare)

Silver: Harry Plumstead (from The Great Dictator - Chaplin)

Bronze: Arthur Andrewes (I Gambled with the Devil - Turner)


Gold: Rupert Halford-Harrison (Death of a Naturalist - Heaney)

Silver: Clemente Giuseppetti (Fern Hill - Thomas)

Bronze: Ben Zhang (Station - Lee)


Gold: Caspar Osborne-Young (Last Post - Duffy)

Silver: Thomas Reed (from Rocky Balboa - Stallone)

Bronze: Thomas Isaacs (A Kestrel for a Knave - Hines)


Gold: Xavier Coughlan (Immigrants - Lee)

Silver: Jamie Walker (from Antigone - Sophocles)

Bronze: Matija Conic (from The Great Dictator - Chaplin)


Gold: Archie McChesney (A Disused Shed in Co. Wexford - Mahon)

Silver: Arthur Tapner (from Don Juan in Soho - Marber)

Bronze: Rory Betley (from The Picture of Dorian Gray - Wilde)

See you at the Reprise - Wednesday 7th February at 8.30pm in the Coffee Shop. 

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