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The Drama Department is responsible for both academic Theatre Studies and all productions in the New Theatre and Drama Studio.

Three Dons teach all academic classes and in addition there is a full time Technician and a full time Wardrobe Supervisor, who assist with the academic teaching. Theatre Studies is an option at both GCSE, with large numbers taking the subject on four periods per cycle, and at A Level numbers are up to twelve. Boys who take A Level Theatre Studies go on to study a broad selection of university courses, with a few continuing into the theatrical profession either direct from school or after university.

Theatre Studies

Boys study three texts in detail, and prepare notes on live productions they have seen: they write on these in two papers at the end of the course. Boys will also prepare and present two productions (one devised by the group and one scripted), both of which are assessed by a moderator. The written units account for 60% of the total marks, and the practical units make up the remaining 40%.

GCSE Drama

Boys study one text (at present this is 'Macbeth') and write on this at the end of the course. They also prepare and present two practical pieces. One of these is devised by the group, and the other is a scripted piece. Both these pieces are moderated. They are also required to write an assessment of the process they have experienced in rehearsing their practical pieces. 60% of the exam is internally marked and 40% by an external examiner.

Many boys at Radley audition for the National Youth Theatre or National Youth Music Theatre during their time here.

The department oversees a range of theatrical productions each year: including the main College production, Shell Play, Remove Play, 6.1 Play and occasional Dons’, Drama Scholars’ and Social productions. 

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