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Drama Diary

Upcoming Productions


This year's 6.1 Play will be Martin McDonagh's, Hangmen. The performance will be held on the 8th and 9th of March 2018. Starting at 19:45. 

This dark yet hilarious play follows the life of Harry, Britain's 'second-best' hangman, the day after hanging was abolished.

‘I’m just as good as bloody Pierrepoint’

In his small pub in Oldham, Harry is something of a local celebrity. But what’s the second-best hangman in England to do on the day they’ve abolished hanging? Amongst the cub reporters and sycophantic pub regulars, dying to hear Harry’s reaction to the news, a peculiar stranger lurks, with a very different motive for his visit.


Previous Productions:

Black Watch

Black Watch by Gregory Burke, performed by the Removes and edited and choreographed by the directors. The performance will be held on the 26th, 27th and 28th of January 2018. 

'This is not only an urgently topical piece about the sort of conflict soldiers have faced in Iraq and Afghanistan, about the changing nature of warfare and about the morality of fighting; it is also a superb, multi-faceted political and social drama. It explores the male psyche with sympathy and with.... a blistering piece of physical theatre – by turns comical, visceral and, surprisingly, lyrical.'

Camp Dogwood, Iraq, 2004. The Soldiers of the Black Watch are embroiled in 'The War on Terror', whilst Westminster debates Military spending and amalgamating the Scottish regiments.  A multi-award winning play about what it means to go to war with your mates and then make the journey home without them.

Directed by the Freddie Armstrong, Will Rogers Coltman, Will Redley, Geordie Thomson and GHSM. 


The College Play, Oedipus the King, was performed over three consecutive nights in November. 

Is fate inevitable, or can you escape it?

In one day, Oedipus, King of Thebes, transforms from a revered and respected leader to a pitiful, disgraced and solitude figure.
Obsession with control and excessive pride leads to this tragic hero's downfall. Oedipus discovers that despite his best intentions to escape his fate, past actions have unknowingly led him to fulfil his given prophecy; patricide and incest.

Against the backdrop of a polluted capital, this production will focus on the themes of fate versus free will within a contemporary political setting. 


The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows was performed outdoors at the Radley Boathouse (4th to 6th June2017) on the banks of the River Thames. A cast of 6.1s and Shells, directed by Ed Tolputt and John Moule, brought together this fun, heartwarming adaption of Kenneth Grahame’s classic tale of the beauty of friendship and nature. 

Illustrations by Hazel Gearing.


The production raised money, in memory of Martha Tolputt, for SSNAP (Support for the Sick Newborn and their Parents www.ssnap.org.uk)

Martha lived for five precious days two years ago. She was read most of Kenneth Grahame's book during her short life - in the JR Hospital, in Helen and Douglas House, and at her memorial service. She set sail from the Boathouse on 3rd June 2015 - accompanied by the Beatles' Here There and Everywhere and a flotilla of coloured paper boats. 

Wind in the Willows is a special story that was brought to life in a special place, for a very special girl www.ssnap.org.uk

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