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Economics is a subject of direct relevance to the issues faced in everyday life by individuals, households, firms and governments. It has the capacity to engage and challenge boys and the aim of the Economics department at Radley, therefore, is to deliver a rigorous overview of economic theory in a way that enables boys to develop skills of analysis and evaluation which are transferable between different contexts, so equipping them not only for examination success but also with a capacity for independent enquiry and thought that will stand them in good stead beyond Radley. 

A-Level Economics (AQA) is taught in the Sixth Form. The department consists of three dons and has a wide range of teaching resources and facilities at its disposal. The department has grown rapidly since 2015, with over 70 boys across the Sixth Form studying the subject each year. As a result, an increasing number of boys are now going on to Russell Group and leading overseas universities to pursue their studies in Economics and related subjects, including the myriad of dual honours degrees in Economics. The department provides specific support to boys pursuing an Oxbridge application related to Economics.

In addition to the formal delivery of the A-Level specification in the classroom, the co-curricular life of the department enables boys to develop their knowledge and interests, as well as their presentation and teamwork skills, in a variety of ways – meetings of the Economics Society (where the emphasis is on presentations by the boys themselves as well as by visiting speakers) and the Adam Smith Society (where the emphasis is on talks concerned with entrepreneurship); participation in the Bank of England’s Target 2.0 Competition; and entries into the Royal Economics Society Annual Student Essay Competition as well as regional essay competitions run by Oxbridge colleges and leading commercial firms.

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