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R.J.Adams, BA   Maths
H.H.Aird   Foundation
J.M.Ambrose, BA, MSt, DPhil   Modern Languages
D.Y.Anderson, BSc, MRICS   Estate Bursar
Archives   Archive enquiries
Art   Art Department
P.Asbury   Maths
Mrs M.J.Asher, BA   Pastoral Housemistress G Social
A.Ashton, MA   Bursar
R.A.Attewell   Energy and Services Manager
G.Austin   Deputy Head Groundsman
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Mrs S.M.Ballard, MCIPD   Human Resources Manager
T.A. Barfield MSt   English, Sub-Tutor K Social
K.J.Barker   Facilities Coordinator; Health & Safety
M.Barker   Theatre Technical Manager
S.Barlass, BA  

Head of Modern Languages and French; 
Teaching & Learning Coordinator

Mrs N.T.Barry   Accounts & Geography/Design Administrator
J.R.W.Beasley, MA   Head of Shell Year; History
C.M.Bedford, BA, PhD   Head of Geology
Biology   Biology Department
Mrs D.A.Blackmore   Accounts Manager
Mrs C.S.Bond   Pastoral Housemistress K Social
D.S.Borthwick, MChem, PhD   Chemistry
M.C.F Brown, BA   Modern Languages
Bursary   Bursary
J.Buzzard, BSc, DipIT   Network Manager
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I.K.Campbell,MA   Head of Classics
Careers   Careers Department
S.V.Carr, FTCL, GTCL, LTCL   Music (Head of Woodwind & Brass)
A.J.Cavill, BA   DT
M.S.Chambers   First Aid and Sports Health Coordinator
Chemistry   Chemistry Department
S.D.J.Clarke, MA, ARCO   Precentor
Classics   Classics Department
Mrs G.D.Cordell   Accounts
Countryside Centre   Countryside Centre
D.L.Cox, BA, MMath   Mathematics
D.V.Craft   Senior Gardener/Team Leader
R.Creighton   Special Projects Gardener
D.J.Cresswell, MA   Head of German; Modern Languages
H.Crump, BA, LLB   Tutor D Social; English
A.D.Cunningham MA, PhD   Website Manager; English
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S.H.Dalrymple, BA   Modern Languages
Miss E.E.N.Danis, BA   Modern Languages
D.Davison   Reprographics Manager
Mrs G.M.A.Delbury Seabrook   Database Administrator
Design & Technology   Design and Technology Department
Mrs M.J.D.Devlin   Pastoral Housemistress B Social
Mrs P.J.Dickens   Catering Manager
J.P.J.Dodd, BA   Sub-Tutor A Social; Physics
Drama   Drama Department
C.J.Dudgeon, MA   Development Director
Mrs C.A.Duncan   Pastoral Housemistress F Social
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Economics   Economics Department
D.C.K.Edwards, MA   Under Master; Head of Theatre Studies;
English; Learning Support
I.P.Ellis, BA, DipRASchls   Head of Art
C.J.Ellott, BA, LLB   Head of English
English   English Department
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P.M.Fernandez, MA   D of E; Biology
The Revd. T.J.E.Fernyhough, BA   Assistant Chaplain; Head of Religious Studies
French   French Department
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P.W.Gamble, MA   Director of University Entrance; Classics
R.P.Gascoigne   Reception Porter
J.E.Gearing, BA   Director of Rowing; Geography
Geography   Geography Department
Geology   Geology Department
German   German Department
S.R.Giddens, BSc, MSc, PhD   Biology
M.G.Glendon-Doyle, MA   Sub-Tutor E Social; Classics
Mrs A.M.Gilley   Lead Nurse
Mrs A.Goodfellow   Events Manager
R.M.C.Greed, BSc   Under Master; History; Master i/c Rugby
Miss L.Gregory BA   Geography
Mrs G.J.Gunningham, BSc   Music Administrator
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Mrs B.L.M.Haggett, ATD, DipSLD   Learning Support; Mathematics
N.L.Haggett, MBE, BEd, MRAeS   Mathematics
S.A.Hall, BA, MPhil, PhD   Classics; Assistant to the Academic Director
K.Halliday, BSc, PhD   Chemistry
Miss L.E.Hamerton   Common Room Secretary
H.D.Hammond, BSc   Senior Master; Chemistry
Mrs V.M.G.Hammond   Registrar
L.G.Hanks   Reception Porter
Ms E.J.Harre LRAM, GRSM, DipExSc   Music (Head of Strings)
Mrs M.C.Hart, MA   Art
A.J.O.Hawkins, MA, PhD, ATCL   Graduate Teaching Assistant; Music
L.M.Healy   SSI; Proctor
Miss P.E.Henderson, BA   Modern Languages
History   History Department
B.J.Holden, MA, BTech   Sub-Warden; CPO
E.O.Holt, BA   Classics
M.Hills, BA, MMath   Sub-Tutor B Social; Mathematics
M.P.Horsey, Cert Ed   Video Unit
M.V.Hubbard   Rackets professional
G.J.A.Hughes, BA, MSc, M.Phil, Ph.D, FRGS   Head of Geography; Head of Curriculum Innovation
R.E.P. Hughes BSc   Geography
Miss M.E.Hurley, BA, MSt   History of Art
L.Hutton, BSc, Dip Comp   IT Support
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Mrs K.C.Ison, BA, JB   Mathematics
IT   IT Department
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Mrs A.C.Jewell, MA   Sewell Centre Gallery Curator; Learning Support
T.C.Jackson, BA   Tutor G Social; History
M.R.Jewell, MA   Head of Community Partnerships; Economics;
R.Johnson, BSc   Head of Design & Technology
Mrs L.C.Johnsson   Development Director's PA
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A.J.King   Head Groundsman
G.R.King, BA   Director of Hockey; Geography
R.A.King, BSc, CChem, MRSC, ARCS   Head of Chemistry
B.R.Knox, B.Ed   Design & Technology
Mrs K.J.Knox, BArtEd   Art
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O.H.Langton, MA   Tutor J Social; History
T.C.Lawson, BA   Tutor E Social; Politics
C.J.Lee, BSc   Tutor K Social; Tutor K Social; Mathematics
Library   Library enquiries
Miss C.E.Lloyd   Pastoral Housemistress E Social
R.M.Lowe, BA   Director of Drama
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N.W.Martin, BA   Sub-Tutor C Social; History
J.Maskens   Head Tennis Coach
Mathematics   Mathematics
Mrs D.Mather   Accounts
Mrs K.E.Matthews, BA   Learning Support
W.O.C.Matthews, BA   Design & Technology
G.H.S.May, MA   Tutor H Social; Theatre Studies
Mrs G.V.Maybank, BA   English
A.J.McChesney, BSc   Tutor F Social; Economics
R.K.McMahon, MA, MPhil, DPhil   Head of Politics
Mrs J.P.Mead   Reprographics
Medical Centre   Medical Centre
N.R.Merola   Deputy Head of Sports Centre
P.J.Miron, BSc, DPhil   Mathematics
S.R.Molyneux, BA, MBA, MA   Head of Economics & Business Studies
Miss J.E.Morgan   Pastoral Housemistress, A Social
Mrs K.Morris   Estate Bursar's Assistant
T.M.Morris, MA, DPhil, FRCO   Succentor; CCF Contingent Commander
K.A.Mosedale, MA, MSc   Head of Science
Mrs M.C.Mosedale   Art Administrative Assistant
J.S.Moule   Warden
Miss A.k.Mühlberg   Sub-Tutor F Social; Head of Library
J.K.Mullard, BA   Radleian Society
Mrs D.J.Mundy, RN   Senior Nurse
Mrs C.S.Munro   Modern Languages
N.Murphy, MA   Senior Master; History
Mrs. R.E.Murphy, BA   Learning Support
Music   Music Department
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A.F.C.Nash, BA   English
Miss S.L.Naylor, MA   Head of Academic Music
L.P.Newell   Head of Sports Centre
Mrs K.Newell   Executive Assistant
M.G.Noone, MA, MSc   Head of Biology; Sub-Tutor H Social
A.C.Norman, MA   Physics
T.C.H.Norton, MA   History
Mrs L.E.Nott, BA, MA, DipTransIoL   Head of PHSE; Assistant CPO; Modern Languages
J.C.Nye, MA   Mathematics; Timetable
Mrs K.S.Nye, MA   Head of Examinations


Mrs L.K.Oakley-Rowland   Theatre Wardrobe Supervisor


Ms L.R.Parker   Pastoral Housemistress D Social
S.J.A.Perkins BSc   Sub-Tutor D Social; Biology
Mrs V.F.Peychers   Chemistry Technician
Physics   Physics Department
C.E. Piller   Modern Languages
Politics   Politics Department
Mrs S.E.Popplestone   Senior Biology Technician
Mrs G.C.Porter, MA, MSc   Head of Spanish
D.J.Pullen, BSc   Head of Careers; Physics




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C.Radbone   Maintenance Manager
S.Rathbone, MA, MA   Academic Director; History
Miss T.A.Reeves   Pastoral Housemistress J Social
K.J.Reid, MSci   Mathematics
Religious Studies   Religious Studies Department
A.R.Rhodes, BA, MA, DPhil   English
Mrs D.Ritchie   Electronics technician
G.A.Roberts   Head of Guitar
J.C.Rockliffe   Head of Percussion
Miss M.Rodriguez   Modern Languages
C.J.Ronaldson   Real Tennnis Professional
D.W.S.Roques, MA   Classics
T.R.G.Ryder, BA, MFA   Tutor A Social; Art
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C.A.San Jose, BA   Sub-Tutor E Social; CCF; Geography
Mrs C.D.Sargent, MA, MCILIP   Archivist; Classics
Mrs T.Scammell Jackson, BA, MPhil   Head of History;
Professional Development Coordinator
J.W.Schofield, BA, MSc, DPhil   Mathematics
D.J.T.Scott, BA   English
C.E.Scott-Malden, BA, BA, MSc   Tutor B Social; Head of Learning Support; English
Miss D.S.Shand   Pastoral Housemistress, C Social
R.D.Shaw, MA   Senior Master; Mathematics
Mrs S.K.Sheldon   Warden's PA
Shop   Shop enquiries
Mrs S.A.Shuckburgh   Pastoral Housemistress H Social
S.J.Sidhu   Software Deployment Engineer
Mrs L.R.I. Smart, BA   Modern Languages
Mrs H.M.Smith   Housekeeping Manager
R.M.Smith   IT Technician
Spanish   Spanish Department
J.M.Sparks, BSc   Tutor C Social; Geography
M.B.Spivey BASc   Director of Fitness & Sport 
Mrs H.Stitt, BSc, DipIT, DipSysPrac   IT Help Desk
J.M.A. Sumner BA   Modern Languages
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Mrs E.V.Tamlyn   Physics Technician
A.P.Thomas   Boatman
K.A.Thomas   Payroll officer
Mrs S.J.Thomas   Letting Administrator
S.C.Timbrell   Countryside Officer
E.J.Tolputt, MA MEng   Head of Physics; Declamations
Mrs R.Tufnell, BA, MA   Art



R.M.Underwood   Boat Builder

University Entrance    


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A.R.Wagner   Sports Professional
M.E. Walker BA MA PhD   Politics
Warden   Warden
A.J.A.Williams, MMus, DipRAM, GRSM, LRAM   Head of Instrumental Music
The Revd D. Wilson BSc BA MA MLitt PhD   Chaplain; Religious Studies
K.M.Willis-Stovold   Sub-Tutor G Social; Biology
G.Wiseman, BA   Head of Mathematics
R.D.Woodling, MChem   Chemistry
Mrs K.H. Wright, BA, FCA   Finance Bursar
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X, Y, Z

I.S.Yorston, MA, CPhys, MInstP   Head of Digital Strategy; Physics