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Endowment fund

Endowment Fund - A long-term home for legacies and capital gifts

When the College was founded in 1847, the only important buildings on the Radley estate were the Mansion, the Cottage and the Library (formerly called ‘School’). The extraordinary generosity of previous generations, combined with some shrewd financial management, has enabled the College Council to develop the entire campus as we know it today. Not surprisingly, this has taken up the great majority of available resources – leaving little in the way of ‘endowed funds’ for future use.

The ambition of the Foundation Trustees is to build up ‘The Endowment Fund’ of the Foundation as a 'war chest' for the future and to use the income to benefit the College. 

If you are interested in leaving something in your Will to Radley, please visit our Making a Bequest page for further information.

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