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Fees in Advance

Radley College operates a Fees in Advance Scheme which allows an individual to make payment of all, or part, of the College fees by means of a lump sum composition fee.

This fee is usually paid before a boy starts at the College, but may also be paid during his time here.

Only boys registered for entry are eligible for the scheme. Parents are quoted the amount to be paid for a credit of £100 per term, for the number of terms the boy is at the College. Larger sums can be purchased pro rata.

The scheme is competitive and the rates are under frequent review. Moreover, since its use helps the College, it indirectly benefits both present and future Radleians. It should be noted, however, that the payment of a composition fee does not guarantee or assist in obtaining a place in the College, nor does it exempt a parent from payment of entrance or registration fees.

In the event of a boy deciding to attend another fee-paying school instead, the scheme will set up a standing order and transfer the amount paid. There is no financial penalty for this service.

The scheme is administered separately from other College accounts.  At present, there are over 120 boys in the scheme and approximately £9M of future fees are covered. 

Please download the Fees in Advance Scheme factsheet for frequently asked questions.

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