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Fitness For Life

The College is committed to ensuring that all students have an opportunity to participate in sport and physical activity throughout their time at Radley. We hope that all boys will enjoy their sports, and continue practising a variety of sports in later life. The experience of team and individual sports brings enormous benefits in terms of physical and mental well-being, resilience and a balanced lifestyle. The Director of Sport and his team liaise closely with the Tutors, Medical Centre, physiotherapist and the PHMs to monitor boys' fitness, and also to manage any injuries and rehabilitation.

James Gaunt and his team of Strength and Conditioning Coaches are responsible for supporting all of the sports played at Radley. A very effective strength and conditioning programme caters for rowing, rugby and other sports to ensure that Radley boys are as well prepared for competition and training as possible. James and his team also monitor all year groups in terms of health, fitness and injury rehabilitation. Liaison between the Masters in Charge of different sports is also essential as James and his team like to ensure that there is a collective approach to physical training.  

Participation in all forms of physical activity and sport carries an injury risk and this, combined with a growing adolescent body, can sometimes increase the risk of sustaining certain types of injury. It is important that pupils and coaches alike understand some of the basic injury prevention strategies that can be used (stretching, protective equipment, diet and nutrition, trunk stability, screening, warm up and cool downs etc.) to manage or reduce the injury risk. All Shell pupils undergo a six week block of physical literacy which teaches them fundamental movement patterns crucial to running, jumping and landing. 

Should an injury occur pupils can then be supervised through their specific rehabilitation programmes to ensure that they are suitably prepared to return to play.

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