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Fives is a fantastic game for building fitness and hand-eye coordination, and may be played by boys any time they do not have other commitments.

There are two Winchester Fives courts at Radley, both available for use during Central Hours and afternoons, with gloves and balls provided. Boys who play regularly will find the skills they develop transfer well to several other sports, but the most important elements of the game are sportsmanship and enjoyment. The game may be played as Singles or Doubles, and is often enjoyed by players well beyond their years at school.

Shells may compete for the Shell Fives Trophy in the Lent term, and there are competitive fixtures arranged against other schools at different levels - from U15 to Open pairs. There is also a chance for leading players to take part in the Winchester Fives and Rugby Fives National Championships, as well as the School Championships. A Fives ladder will run through all three terms to keep competition levels high.

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