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Funded Places and Scholarships

Fully or partly funded places

Radley is able to offer a considerable number of fully or partly funded places to talented boys and our door is always open to applicants from families who, without financial support, would otherwise be unable to afford our school fees.  If this is your first enquiry regarding a Funded Place please click here for an introduction and the enquiry form. Thank you.
What is the difference between Funded Places and Scholarships?
Funded Places can be awarded to talented boys at three different stages: 11+, 13+ or 16+.  They are means tested awards and can amount to up to 100% of the fees.  Parents are asked to complete a Financial Circumstances Form when they apply.

Scholarships are awards for excellence in a particular area of school life that we value at Radley: academic, sports, music, art or drama.  They are only available at 13+.  Many boys who apply will not necessarily need further financial support and the scholarship will be largely Honorary, or up to 5% of the annual fees.  Scholarships are sat in Year 8 and are awarded after particular assessment days.

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