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'Guitars Unlimited'

'Guitars Unlimited'


On Tuesday November 3rd, a large crowd gathered in the Silk Hall to witness the annual ‘Guitars Unlimited’ concert. We were graced with pieces not just including electric and acoustic guitars, but also from keyboard, violin, drum and bass players as well. It was obvious that all the pieces were rehearsed well and in turn proved to be exquisite performances.

The first performance was by William Cox, Maximo Lopez, Tom Warner, George Seagrave; playing Allegro (Sonata in G minor) by Sammartini. It proved to be a very strong opening act, with the performers looking confident throughout and playing in perfect harmony.

Next up was Usman Ladan, with ‘I Spy’ by Colin Downs. A simple but beautifully executed piece, which highlighted how simplicity can be very powerful in music. Finishing his solo piece, he then paired up with Tom Warner to perform Amoroso – andantino (Duet in C major) by Paganini.

William Cox made another appearance with the piece ‘Soledad’ by Stephan Oser. This took a very skilled guitarist to pull off, and Will definitely did justice to this classic.

The well-known piece ‘Cycles in the Avenue’ was performed next by Ivo Holbech: a very well-rehearsed piece, showing confidence and very impressive pace.

The violinists Ignacio Urzaiz and Alex Alder accompanied Ivo Holbech in the Andante sostenuto – tempo di menuetto (Terzetto) by Paganini. The connection between the violinists and guitarist was very impressive and contributed to a very well-rounded performance.

‘Secret Place’, performed by Jude Dobby was next, which was an impressive display of individual talent, playing along to a recording with an electric guitar.

‘Zephyr Song’ was next up, performed by Ned Rees, Johnny Dewhurst, George Parsons and Mr P Owen. The individual solos between Ned, Johnny and George were nothing short of spectacular, cannoning from side-to-side taking turns to captivate the audience.

Following that spectacular performance was the equally impressive Tom Rogers-Coltman, playing his own composition ‘Loops’, a devised piece that layered his live playing to form a harmony.

The well-known classic, ‘Baker Street’ was the finale piece and provided the biggest ensemble yet, including Ben Fisher on bass guitar and Jamie Codrington on the electric guitar, Artie Diamandis on vocals, Harri Guy on saxophone, Ethan Clarke on keyboard and AJAW on the electric bass. It was a very professional performance and rounded off the evening perfectly.

Review by Al Baker, D Social, 6.1

Pictured: Jude Dobby (above), playing ‘Secret Place’; Ned Rees and George Parsons, playing ‘Zephyr Song’ (main Picture); Artie Diamandis, Harri Guy, Ethan Clarke and Jamie Codrington, performing Gerry Rafferty’s ‘Baker Street’ (below).

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