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Hudson String Prize

Hudson String Prize


Anyone lucky enough to have been in the Silk Hall on Tuesday 10th November, at 8:30pm, would have been at the Hudson String Prize, which lasted about an hour, and consisted of seven pieces. The instruments used ranged from violins, to a harp and were played immaculately by boys of different ages throughout the school. The harp was played quite beautifully by Adam Hargreaves, and concluded the evening in a very calming way. The audience ranged from boys at The College, to Ignacio Urzaiz’s parents, who flew across Europe from Spain to watch their son win the competition.

1st Place - Ignacio Urzaiz (pictured with Adjudicator, Mr Tim Wells)

2nd Place - Kier Howard

3rd Place (joint) - Adam Hargreaves - William Cox


William Cox - Resignation - Violin

Ignacio Urzaiz - 1st mvt (Concerto in D) - Violin

Hugo Halford-Harrison - 3rd mvt (Concerto in G) - Violin

Kier Howard - May I - Double Bass

James Strain - Resignation - Violin

Felix Reynish - Malagueña - Violin

Adam Hargreaves - Leaving Stoer - Harp

Report and Picture by Alexander Milne, H Social, 6.1




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