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'In New Authors We Trust'

'In New Authors We Trust'

'In New Authors We Trust' - Coffee Shop, October 28th

Leo Hunt

Last night, Wednesday October 28th, we were lucky enough to have three published authors (pictured, with AKM, Radley's Librarian) speak to us about their novels and then answer the many questions we had for them.

Leo Hunt (below) was the first to speak about his debut novel, ‘13 days of Midnight’. He graduated from UEA in 2014, achieving a First in creative writing and American Literature, and wasted no time starting his first novel at the age of 19. Just last month, after years of refining, his horror novel was published, getting 4/5 stars from the Good Reads website and 4/5 on Amazon.

Carla Spradbery

Our second speaker was Carla Spradbery, a very passionate author, who has written two published novels, “100 Society” and “The Memory Hit”. She opened with a very interesting story about how her passion for writing started when she was in only Year 2 at school. She was given a paperback book and sent to the dining hall for an afternoon to write her first epic, and ever since then she has been hooked.

Al Baker, D Social, 6.1

Richard Beard

Richard Beard is an old Radleian and the distinguished author of books such as ‘X20’, ‘Lazarus is Dead’ and ‘Acts of Assassins’. He came to Radley to explain how his writing career developed since his time at Radley playing rugby and enjoying school life, just like the spectators present at the lecture.

Mr Beard cited the novel ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce, a book which he read in his last term at Radley, as the book which inspired him most into becoming an author. From there, Mr Beard went on to explain how he went from a university student at Cambridge to a published author with 'X20’, a book about the desire, risk, repression and denial a man experiences when trying to give up smoking. He had taken up a number of jobs with low working hours so that he could concentrate on his writing, ranging from the secretary to the Duchess of Argyle, to a barman and a PE teacher.

He soon went to the University of East Anglia to obtain a creative writing degree there, before seeing ‘X20’ become his first published novel. He then went on to mention some of his other works such as ‘In Damascus’, a constraint-based novel in which every noun (bar twelve) is taken from the London Times newspaper on the 1st  of November 1993, and ‘Acts of Assassins’, which is an award-nominated book.  

Perhaps most telling for the boys present to hear Mr Beard speak were his answers to questions on the highs and lows in his career as a writer; he pointed out that his first few novels went unpublished but that he remained purposeful in his love for writing until, humorously, he experienced the best moment of his life in gaining a publisher for his novels.

Oliver Donaldson, F Social, 6.1


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