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Inter-Social Debating

Inter-Social Debating

On the evening of Tuesday 23rd of February the Inter-social Debating season opened with ‘A’ Social taking on ‘B’ Social. The audience congregated in the New Pavilion and there was an excited buzz throughout.

With Tutors and The Chair, Doctor Cunningham, present ready the debate commenced.

The motion was: ‘This house believes the UK should remain a member of the European Union’, with ‘B’ Social opposing it. With the motion being particularly topical at this moment in time, the contest was always going to be fierce.

Johnny Hilditch (‘A’) kicked off proceedings, referring heavily to the UK’s history, insisting that nations are generally better off together. He included numerous bona fide facts that supported his strong argument and you could see he had evidence to drive home his points.

On the other side Dan Kirchlechner (‘B’) fought back with an argument based upon the EU laws, which he claimed, are not widely viable or beneficial to each country.

The renowned Archie Clifton-Brown (‘A’, pictured) brought comedy and patriotism to his speech. He juxtaposed his colleague Johnny Hilditch and focused more on the future and how the EU has the potential to benefit the UK more and more.

Nicholas Erasmus (‘B’) took to the debating floor and brought a personal touch and attempted to rebuttal Archie Clifton-Brown’s points of attack. Nicholas went a little over time, but it proved to be poignant as he won Best Speaker of the night.

The debate was then opened up to the floor and the ‘A’ Social dominant audience asked numerous questions to the debaters, but specifically ‘B’ Social who were targeted heavily.

It was then the turn of Tom Tyrwhitt Drake (‘B’) who answered the questions from the audience and included some comedy about Archie, Master of the Radley College Beagles and how he had lost this particular hound!

Finally, it was the turn of Will Maddock (‘A’) who rounded off the evening with a flourish, as he put to bed the argument and ended what was an exciting, heated night of debating.  

Despite this, ‘B’ Social pulled off a shock win against last year’s champions ‘A’ to the sadness of the largely ‘A’ Social crowd.

Many thanks must go to Doctor Cunningham for organising such an enjoyable debate. 

Report by James Gosling and Alexander Dernie, A Social 6.1s

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