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Introduction by the Sub-Warden

Delivering outstanding pastoral care is a collective responsibility shared by all members of the college, who, together, seek to provide every boy with the support and encouragement that will enable them to get the very best from their time at Radley.

Each boarding house (or Social as they are known at Radley) has a dedicated pastoral team and is characterised by a strong sense of family.  Every effort is made to create a relaxed atmosphere within the Social, where boys can work and relax as they would at home.

Boys are looked after by a Social Tutor (housemaster), supported by a resident Sub-Tutor (assistant housemaster) and a Pastoral Housemistress (Matron).  Senior boys are given responsibility, as Prefects and Mentors, in helping with daily routines and settling new boys in to the Social.

New boys spend most of their time in Social Hall, a common room in which they sit down to prep in the evening, and sleeping accommodation is provided in cubicles arranged in small dormitory areas during the first year. From the second year onwards, all boys have their own individual study bedrooms. Each Social has a number of communal spaces where boys can relax together, whether that be watching television, playing table tennis or making toast in the Cocoa Room.

There is healthy competition between Socials and all strive to be the best.  There are annual inter-social competitions in all major sports, as well as in music, drama, debating and declaiming to name but a few. However, the real measure of a social’s success is in the cultivation of a happy and supportive community in which all feel valued and fulfilled.

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