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Exeat Weekends

Exeat weekends begin at 12:40pm on a Friday afternoon and end at 9:00pm on the Monday evening.  On an Exeat weekend all boys go home or to guardians.  There are two Exeats in the Michealmas Term, one either side of half term, and one Exeat weekend in the first half of the Lent Term.  An Exeat weekend may be included in the calendar for the first half of the Summer Term as dates require.

Privilege Weekends

A Privilege Weekend is intended as an opportunity for boys to be at home attending family functions such as birthdays, wedding and anniversaries.  A Privilege Weekend begins after games on Saturday afternoon, with boys returning to Social by 9:00pm on Sunday evening.  Arrangements are made through the Tutor.

Sundays Out

The intention of a Sunday Out is to allow boys to go out for lunch with their parents after Chapel on Sunday morning.  Boys are expected to be back in Social in the late afternoon and no later than 9:00pm in the evening.  Arrangements for taking a boy out on Sunday are made through the Tutor.

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