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The Richard Morgan Library was established in 1996 – perfectly positioned at the centre of the school. There is a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and everyone who lives or works at Radley can look forward to a warm welcome from our friendly library team, consisting of Miss Mühlberg, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Ash, Mrs Stead and Mrs Becket. There is always someone on hand to help navigate our many collections and advise on suitable resources for the various tasks in hand. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Sargent, who is our Archivist and who also looks after our rare books collection.  

In terms of content, we do our best to provide for both the curriculum and leisure needs of the boys, as a healthy balance between these two elements is crucial within a boarding school environment. This means we are able to support the boys’ academic studies, while also giving them the opportunity to relax and pursue their own interests. We encourage recommendations from the boys on stock selection, and meet regularly with our Library Reps from each Social to discuss improvements to service provision. On offer are materials in all formats, including print, audio-visual and digital resources. There are substantial collections of contemporary fiction, films and music, as well as a vast array of non-fiction and online resources. Our online resources are available College-wide and also accessible off-campus during the holidays. All of our collections are closely monitored and regularly updated to ensure they are as relevant and fit-for-purpose as possible. 

Reading is, of course, particularly close to our hearts, and we are absolutely committed to helping boys develop strong lifelong reading habits. Not only because it will underpin and drive their every academic endeavour, but more importantly, because it will feed their curiosity and imagination, making them smarter and more creative individuals: people who are well informed yet empathetic and willing to step out of their comfort zone. To foster this development we promote and support reading throughout College and offer a host of events and activities from author talks and book clubs to reading challenges and competitions. Recent highlights include our joint author conference with our partner school Desborough College and the introduction of ‘Radley Jackanory’, featuring dons reading their favourite books to the boys. Our annual charity ‘Readathon’ is also a firm favourite and has boys reading through the night in order to raise funds for reading-related good causes.


For further information, please follow our Library Blog and follow us on Twitter @RadleyLibrary. If you would like to contact us directly, please email library@radley.org.uk or write to us at The Library, Radley College, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 2HR.

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