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Making a bequest

If you would like to express your support and affection for the College by means of a legacy, you may find the checklist below helpful.

  1. Decide which of our funds you would like to support.
  2. Decide what sort of legacy you intend to leave (see below).
  3. Contact the Foundation Office at Radley if you have any queries about the process or would like to discuss leaving a legacy for a special purpose.
  4. Contact your solicitor.
  5. If you have already made your Will and now want to make an alteration to it, contact your solicitor about a codicil or letter of intent.
  6. To help us in our planning, please complete the Legacy Pledge Form and send it to us.
  7. You will be entitled to join the Vyvyan Hope Society if you wish. This will enable us to thank you during your lifetime for the legacy you are planning to make.

It is very important for everyone to make a Will to ensure that their wishes for their Estate can be carried out as they intend. A solicitor is the best person to advise on this and will be able to help you decide which of the following would be right for you.

A Pecuniary Legacy
A specific sum is left to The Radley Foundation
A Residuary (or percentage) Legacy

A percentage of the estate is specified rather than a fixed cash figure.

A Reversionary Legacy

An estate is placed in Trust and named beneficiaries are entitled to the income during their lifetime. After the death of the beneficiaries the whole or a percentage of the whole capital passes to The Radley Foundation.

A Substitutional Legacy

The estate (or a percentage of it) or legacy is left to a particular person or persons but if they predecase you the bequest goes to The Radley Foundation.

A Specific Legacy

Specific possessions can be left to Radley (property, works of art, stocks and shares).

Deed of Variation
If you become a beneficiary of someone else’s Will, you may can transfer the whole or part of that inheritance to The Radley Foundation using a deed of variation, the bequest then being exempt from inheritance tax. The deed has to be completed within two years of death.

It is, of course, also possible to combine one or more of the above.

You should consult your legal adviser or accountant before making a new Will or making any changes to your existing one but, in general, gifts made to Radley, during your lifetime or on your death, are exempt from Inheritance Tax. Bequests made to charities, including The Radley Foundation, can be deducted from the net value of your Estate, thus reducing your Inheritance Tax liability.

The Inheritance Tax threshold is usually reviewed in the Budget each year and information on the current level is always available from the Government Website.

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