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Being from Belgium and not mastering English very well, I was anxious that I would have difficulty keeping up as well as understanding everything. But I quickly got many friends. The adults around helped me to get organised and the teachers made sure I settled-in well.
An amazing thing about Radley is that we are given a lot of liberty and that we can choose what we do, the different departments and facilities are incredible. I have already learned and explored many things since coming to Radley, for example: before coming to Radley I had never played rugby before and didn’t know anything about the sport, now I am completely passionate about it and love the team spirit and mentality. I am also enjoying spending time in the Music Department, if I am not playing the guitar you will find me making my own music on the computer. In between all of that I also attend lessons! Speaking three languages (Flemish, French and English) I personally prefer the language lessons and I enjoy having the opportunity to learn Spanish and German. In conclusion there is always something to do and it never fails to be interesting!






When I arrived at Radley in the Shells, I dived into every opportunity to learn and have fun, and I must say there were many things to get involved with. One of those things was rowing. I had rowed a few times before I came to Radley, but nothing too serious. Now, having learnt a few more skills (and how not to capsize), I am often down at the river either taking out a single or meeting up with my crew to practice for upcoming regattas.

I spend a lot of my time in the Music Department practicing my cello, playing the clarinet in the College quintet and other musical ensembles, and, during my free time I like to compose music for films and plays. I also enjoy working with Radley Video in the Film Department. Radley has an amazing film crew with state-of-the-art equipment and when I first arrived I had great fun making a documentary with my friends about the evolution of animals. I have been directing another movie, which is a prequel to the ‘Sherlock’ series, and have been fortunate enough to film at Blackwells Bookshop and other amazing locations around Oxford and the Radley campus.

I have completely loved my time at Radley so far, and am excited to see what other opportunities will spring up along the way, whether academic or co-curricular.





Having come from a boarding school with several other boys, I was excited to see what my five years of Radley would have instore for me. So far, I have met and interacted with many new people, played new sports that would be hard to find anywhere else like Rackets, Real Tennis and I have enjoyed  acting and performing in various productions.

I have found there is endless entertainment at Radley. Sport matches are played each week against other schools, College plays and productions are put on each year and there are many Inter-Social competitions such as ‘Partsong’ (an acapella competition).

Everyone is able to find a hobby or activity to do at Radley. Personally, I play for the Squash team, enjoy playing Cricket and perform in the play productions. Radley has something to offer everyone. 





On coming to Radley I was unsure what to expect, I had made a shift from a small school of 100 boys to this new exciting school. I was curious at what was on offer and how I could make the most of my experience at Radley. Now that I am halfway through my time here I have the privilege to look back at my first couple of years. I have been able to enjoy a wide variety of sports such as rugby, rowing, cricket and squash as well as develop my academic skills. I was  surprised at the effort made  to ensure that my time at Radley is well spent and enjoyable, the fascinating talks, trips and  activities  are exceptional. I look forward to another prosperous couple of years here at Radley. 




'Now in the Remove, I am really enjoying the opportunity to make the most of everything that Radley has to offer, especially across the Arts. From joining the Chapel Choir in my first week, to Declamations, performing in numerous concerts and school plays, to the huge variety of activities offered by the Art department, it has been an exciting start. I've also made some great friends who share many of my interests, although everyone has space to be themselves and that variety is one of the best things about Radley, along with Cocoa of course!'




I joined Radley entering with an academic scholarship and came from a little-known school in South Buckinghamshire, so I knew only one other person at the school. I was kept busy from the start, learning electric guitar as a new instrument, playing the cello in orchestra and enjoying regular music lessons. There are also many sporting opportunities at Radley and this fits well around my academic work. Radley life is busy and hugely fulfilling.




When I arrived at Radley in F Social, I knew that I was going to be a more musical and actor sort of person (and not academic and sporty). The music side of Radley is truly outstanding: all of the music teachers are incredible in their own different fields. Apart from the music and drama side, I like to play a lot of golf and it is really amazing to have our own nine-hole golf course on campus. It is an outstanding school and it keeps you unbelievably busy all the time which is really great!




One of my earliest memories of Radley College was standing outside the Precentor's room, waiting to be escorted in for my choir audition and turning to my fellow Shell and telling him that ‘I really can’t sing so don’t expect any wonders’, with him replying, rather pleased ‘Me neither’. I went into that room on my first day scared and nervous, but came out of it a confident young man, willing to throw himself head first into any challenge that Radley had on offer, whether it be a social debating competition, which I am currently preparing for, or a particularly challenging sports fixture. Radley has managed to give me that confidence to try new things.

I really enjoy taking part in debates and attending lectures, and at Radley you’re never at a loss with choice. In addition, my major passion at Radley is sport, and with the numerous opportunities here at Radley, for example the rowing tank, it is difficult not to improve your sporting skills.

Radley really has turned me into the person I am today, a young, confident, outgoing boy who is ready for anything.




At Radley, most of my interests revolve around the games field. As a lover of Rugby, Hockey and Cricket, there is so much to do, and as a pastime I have taken up Real Tennis as a sport: which I had never tried before coming to Radley.

I also play the flute and the musical options here are phenomenal, with groups, ensembles and concerts to play in.

Also, as far as academics are concerned, my favourite subjects are German, Maths and Sciences.




On arriving at Radley as an academic scholar from Sussex House, I was overwhelmed by the enormous variety of activities and opportunities that were suddenly available to me. I was particularly impressed by the wide range of eminent external academic, sporting and industry speakers which the school has attracted. Having plunged head first into this sea of possibilities, I am now a regular at many of the school societies, and a keen member of the Fencing club, allowing me to continue successfully competing in national Fencing competitions. Radley offers many opportunities to develop one's interests and being able to take advantage of these is hugely enjoyable.




I arrived at Radley from the comfort of my small Surrey prep school. After spending the first term learning everyone’s names, what Beagling was and when exactly brunch started on a Sunday, I could start to really enjoy the smorgasbord of things going on around me.

One of those things is music. I spend a lot of my time musically. Either blasting my trombone to Shostakovich in Concert Band; carefully practicing some Chopin on the piano; singing Monteverdi in the Chapel Choir or playing Led Zeppelin on my guitar in my room.

Amongst all this, I still find time to go to lessons and dissect sheep’s hearts in Biology, have an unbeaten season in Midgets Three rugby and act in plays. I have really tried to take part in as much of the incredible range of experiences offered at Radley.




Radley has always had a special place in our family, as it had supported my brother when he came here. After joining I swiftly settled in and, once in the swing of things, I could understand why my brother had such an amazing time here. When you join Radley you are thrown in at the deep end, and shown just about everything it has to offer in two weeks. From Real Tennis to Beagling, you will get a feel for everything. And once you have finished the first two intense weeks, it's up to you what to do next. For me, I joined the Choir, took on a role in the Shell Play and enjoyed some low-tier sport. All this while, being taught by the most intelligent and kind people.

Radley is such a special place, I have lots of fun and have made some great friends.




There are endless opportunities at Radley and a multitude of facilities mean life at Radley is interesting and rewarding. 

Being an Academic Scholar, I’ve noticed that the teaching is exceptional and at a quality very few schools can achieve. I play the piano, violin and organ and I find that Radley provides the guidance and support to develop me into a burgeoning musician. The ability to practise on an impressive organ, to perform in Coffee Concerts and to have experienced music teachers are privileges which make Radley a school which distinguishes itself not only academically but also in extra-curricular activities.


Senior Prefect, 6.2



It is hard to believe how quickly my time at Radley has flown by. As a 6.2 year group we are enjoying our new responsibilities and it is an honour to be Senior Prefect this year representing the boys as well as Captain of Rugby. There's never a dull day at Radley with the Dons always pushing you to exceed your potential. There are a plethora of activities that the College has to offer. In the past week alone, I have played in a rugby National Cup Match, sang Evensong with the Choir at Winchester Cathedral and heard two inspiring speakers not to mention the invaluable support I have had in preparing for my UCAS application. Radley is what you make of it and the 6.2 year group collectively hope that by giving something back to the college, boys will begin to appreciate how truly unique this place is.




I first visited Radley when I was just eight years old, as I was dragged to watch my brothers’ rugby matches. Unaware of what actually happened in day-to-day life, I was told when I was awarded my music scholarship that I would be busy; however that was an understatement. Radley does a very good job at making sure there is never a dull moment and that you’re active every waking minute. 


Playing three instruments and singing means that I spend all of my free time in the Music Department. The help and encouragement that I have received from the many dons has allowed me to follow my passion and I now attend the Junior Royal Academy of Music every Saturday. This has only been possible with the considerable improvement I have made since joining Radley.





I came to Radley in the footsteps of my two brothers. It has suited all three of us, but in different ways, which is why it’s so good; there is something for everyone here.

I’ve been introduced to so many different sports, academic subjects and activities which has made me aware of just how much Radley has to offer - it’s not all just work! The facilities are excellent and you are really encouraged to try everything. So I’ve taken up hockey as well as tried fives, rackets and squash in my free time. I also do drama as a subject, which I love. Music and theatre on their own, or together, is exceptional here, with lots of concerts to perform in and plays every year. I find boarding good fun with great friends.

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