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New Boys Chaplain

The following information is intended for new parents. Forms should be completed only after parents have received the New Boys Pack.

A letter from the Chaplain, Revd David Wilson

We are much looking forward to welcoming your sons to Radley in September and to getting to know both you and them over the next few years. I hope this information is helpful and puts you in the picture about a few Chapel related issues.

We welcome all boys to Chapel no matter what faith background. Chapel very much represents the coummunity spirit of our school. 

  1.  Sunday Services:  Parents and families are always most welcome to join us for our Sunday services, details of which can be found in the Calendar. Although the Chapel is full through the week, on Sundays there are always a number of boys away on privileged weekends (‘privis’), so we have plenty of room for visitors. The only exception to this are the first Sundays of Michaelmas and Lent terms when the Chapel is particularly crowded, but apart from those two Sundays we look forward to welcoming you to Sunday Chapel. Morning services are followed by coffee in the Mansion which is a friendly and convivial occasion. So if you are collecting your son to take him out after morning Chapel (or returning him, if Chapel is in the evening), do please feel free to join us; we would be very glad to see you.
  2. Confirmation:  We have two Anglican Confirmation services each year, one in March and the other in November. Boys are confirmed from every year group in the school and twice a year there is an opportunity for boys to sign up for Confirmation. Do contact me if you would like to talk about matters relating to Confirmation at any stage, and if your son would like to be confirmed then please encourage him to sign up in due course.
  3. Roman Catholics: Roman Catholic boys are very much part of the school’s Christian community and they come to daily Chapel services on weekdays with everyone else. Mass is celebrated by a Roman Catholic Priest in the Chapel of the Resurrection (above Memorial Arch) on some Sundays (the dates are published in the Calendar) and parents are again most welcome to attend. Ms Maud Hurley is the don-in-charge of Roman Catholics. Please contact them if you would like your son to attend these services. Both she and I would be happy to help with any questions you might have.  Roman Catholic Confirmation takes place in the Summer Term.
  4. Parents’ Prayer Group: A group of parents meets two or three times a term to pray for the life of the school. It is an informal gathering and all spectrums of the Christian church are represented and welcome to join them. If you would like more information then please contact Mr Ed Holt.
  5. Other Christian activities: There is a wide variety of other voluntary Christian activity at Radley, including Christian talks and Lent Addresses.  services of Compline, choral events and the weekly Christian Forum. Click here for more information. A number of boys also attend Christian activity holidays during the summer holidays.

If you would like more information on any of these things or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on DW.Wilson@radley.org.uk

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