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New Boys Electronic Devices

The following information is intended for new parents. Forms should be completed only after parents have received the New Boys' Pack.

Electronic Equipment


Radley doesn't recommend any particular machine.

In the working environment of Social Hall there is limited secure space space for devices so Shells should not bring desktop computers or large laptops to Radley. If unsure, please consult with the Social Tutor.

However, we do encourage boys to use technology appropriately and the availability of "smart-phones" (iPhone or Android) does of course allow boys to access e-mail and web on the move. We also have wi-fi available in most areas of the campus.  All the Boys have Office 365 accounts for eMail and to provide access to Word, Excel, etc.

In addition to any personal mobile technology, there are around 150+ College PCs available to boys across the campus.

Many boys will argue that they will "need" a computer for their GCSE years (Removes and Fifths) - but in practice they simply want a device for games, music and video. Very few GCSE subjects have coursework any more and, where coursework does remain, it must often be supervised in one of our computer rooms on a College machine.

So the genuine requirement for a machine is - at best - tenuous. Of course, most Removes will also argue that "everyone else has got one", which is largely true but is largely self-proving...

From an educational perspective, the future of ICT is clearly mobile, touch-screen and web-based; so any device that runs a decent browser is more than good enough. Wireless is essential. eBooks look to be important - so Kindle software or iBooks software is probably a good thing - which in practice means an Amazon account and/or an iTunes account. A camera can be useful to capture classwork, art or film a particularly impressive Chemistry experiment.

If you really want your son to to take advantage of ICT over the next few years then we would  encourage you to consider an iPad, an Android Tablet or a Microsoft Surface. These are fabulous machines, can be carried almost anywhere, have lasting battery life right through the school day and have camera, video, microphone and loudspeaker all built in as well as the soft keyboard.

A wireless keyboard can be added as required and there is are Apps for most requirements: music; games; chemistry; Shakespeare; rugby; history; etc.

Many tablets and smartphones are now cheap enough that you can replace them every couple of years without feeling that you haven't had value for money out of your chosen device.

Most importantly, don’t commit to purchasing an expensive machine for the start of the Shell Year. A decent phone and/or tablet will be more than sufficient for the first few months: small enough enough to be carried and to be stored securely overnight; cheap enough that any disaster can be absorbed without too much family strife.


Director of Digital Strategy
Radley College, OX14 2HR


Please read the Use of ICT Policy.

Mobile Phones

New boys may bring mobile phones which will, initially, be kept by Tutors and handed out at appropriate times. Please note, mobile phones are not covered under the school personal effects insurance policy.

Ear Phones

All boys are required to have a pair of small headphones with a 3.5mm jack plug for use in lessons incorporating IT.  These would be the same as those used for iPods etc.

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