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New Boys Exeats

The following information is intended for new parents. Forms should be completed only after parents have received the New Boys' Pack.

Radley is a full boarding school where weekends are busy. Please see the website for full details regarding term dates.  The general rules for going home are as follows: 

1. Leave Away

We have a half term (Leave-Away) every term.  

2. Exeats 

All boys go home for Exeats and, if a boy’s parents live abroad, arrangements must be made for him to be looked after during this time.  The aim is to give boys a good break over an extended weekend, so Exeats run from 12.40pm on the Friday to 9.00pm on the Monday.  Please do not make arrangements that require boys to leave early for this break.  The pattern for Exeats throughout the year is as follows:

  • Michaelmas Term: Two Exeats (Michaelmas and Advent), one either side of Leave Away.
  • Lent Term:  One Exeat before Leave Away (Hilary).
  • Summer Term: Depending on public exams, we sometimes have an Exeat in the first half of the term (Trinity).

3. Privilege Weekend (‘privi’)

  • Every boy is allowed two privis in each term (one each side of Leave Away), but if there is no Trinity Weekend he make take three privis in the Summer Term. 
  • A privi starts immediately after a boy’s games commitment on a Saturday, and boys should return 9pm on Sunday.
  • All boys may take an extra ‘privi’ after a Social Culture Evening.
  • In the unusual event of a request for a further ‘privi’, Tutors will refer to the Sub Warden.
  • Over these weekends school commitments must take precedence and parents should not feel pressurized about them if they live a long way from Radley. We would wish to stress that privis are times for going home so that a boy can keep in close touch with his parents and are not weekends to be spent in London with friends. 
  • When a privi is being arranged, a boy’s Tutor must receive written or e-mail notice by a week in advance. 

4. Sundays

Boys are also allowed out on a Sunday when school commitments permit.  In practice this means after morning Chapel (11.15am), returning by 9pm. It would be unusual for a boy to go home on a Sunday regularly.


Flights should be booked to depart no earlier than 15.45 (or 16.45 for long-haul flights) - taxis generally leave from Bursary at 13:00 for the airports and Oxford Station, in time for 16:00 flights from LHR (17:30 for long haul), and for flights departing after 17:00 from Gatwick. 

Transfers can be arranged outside these times in exceptional circumstances, with permission from your son’s Tutor.

Please contact Bev Jane (Common Room Secretary), on 01235 548566 or BJ.jane@radley.org.uk, who is happy to help make arrangements and answer any queries.

Return flights should arrive no later than 7.30 pm so that boys have returned to their Social by 9.00 pm. Parents may contact a taxi firm direct to arrange for their sons’ return to College or through Bev Jane before the end of previous term. 

Contact details for taxi companies are:

Boys who have Guardians in the UK will need to complete this ‘Travel Form’, each time they leave school to stay with their Guardian (available from their Tutor).


If a boy has been in contact with any infectious illness or disorder the School Doctor should be consulted before the boy returns.

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