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New Boys Other Equipment

The following information is intended for new parents. Forms should be completed only after parents have received the New Boys Pack.

Other Required Equipment


All boys will be issued with a Casio calculator in their first term at Radley and therefore should not bring one at the beginning of term.


Boys may keep bicycles at school, subject to sufficient storage space, but the College is not responsible for the loss, through theft, of them. It is advisable for wet bobs to have bicycles as the river is 1.5 miles away. They should be sturdy, have secure locks and be marked clearly with the boy’s name, initials and Social letter. It is unwise to bring expensive new bikes back to school. Helmets must be worn by all cyclists and should be clearly marked.

Tuck Boxes

A Tuck Box should be brought back clearly marked with name or initials (available from Shepherd and Woodward). Bread and milk are provided within Socials. Other foods for casual snacks should be brought if required along with the necessary utensils to eat/drink/cook them. Extra milk can be ordered within the Socials.


All boys should bring their own duvet together with two covers. Please ensure the name tapes are sewn near the opening of the cover. It is a help to the College Laundry if duvets can be made of polycotton.

Bath Towels 

All boys will need two bath towels.  A swimming towel would also be useful.


There is no need to buy or use a trunk and they are positively discouraged; soft luggage is preferable to bring the boys’ clothing back. In addition, all boys should bring a holdall for use at Leave-Away, Privilege Weekends and away matches.


A ‘starter pack’ of stationery for your son will automatically be delivered to Socials for the start of term.  It consists of:

  • 7 Ring binders   
  • 2 Red soft-backed maths exercise book
  • 4 Sets file dividers  
  • 1 Magnapad
  • 1 Red and blue pen  
  • 1 Squared paper refill pad
  • 2 HB pencils   
  • 1 Graph paper refill pad
  • 1 Colouring pencils  
  • 1 Yellow highlighter
  • 1 30 cm Ruler    
  • 1 Oxford Maths Set

Boys should bring their own pen (ink or cartridge). Shop can supply this and other items of stationery if they are not already owned.

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