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New Boys Sports Equipment

The following information is intended for new parents. Forms should be completed only after parents have received the New Boys' Pack.

Sports Equipment


  • Rugby boots: evidence strongly supports the view that the nature of firm autumn grounds causes young boys, in particular, to suffer from sore ankles and feet as a result of training and playing in new unbroken rugby boots. As a result, boys can miss out on several days of sport due to easily avoidable injuries. Undertaking some form of regular exercise over the summer holidays will help as will wearing a softer rugby/football boot. These boots, termed ‘moulded firm ground boots’, have rubber studs rather than screw-in metal ones (not to be confused with a ‘blades’ style sole) and we would highly recommend your son having a pair alongside his normal rugby boots.
  • Mouthguards: we strongly suggest that boys wear mouthguards when playing rugby or hockey. Mouthguard fittings are arranged by College although if parents prefer to organize a separate fitting they are free to do so. Parents of new boys should have received information regarding mouthguard fitting; please let us know (01235 543 174) if you have not received the leaflet.


  • Hockey stick:  generally speaking, boys should bring their own stick.  We do occasionally have a supplier visit Radley.
  • Astroturf boots
  • Shinguards:  boys should come with shin guards but they are available in Shop if required.
  • Mouthguards (see above)
  • Gloves:  optional but recommended


Cricketers should supply all their own equipment: bat, pads, gloves etc.

Cricket Helmets: it is school (and national) policy that all pupils should wear a helmet when batting, keeping wicket or fielding close to the wicket on the leg side. Please ensure that your son has a helmet, preferably maroon, if he is a keen cricketer; if he currently has a helmet of a different colour he can use it until he needs a new one.


Requires no specific kit for Shells.

Other Sports

Trainers are essential for all sports throughout the year.  If your son is likely to play racket sports, golf or any other additional sport at Radley, he should bring the appropriate equipment.  In particular, please be aware that eyewear protection should be considered.  If your son is playing football, he must wear shin guards.

Please note that there is a strong likelihood that any future insurance claims will be invalidated if safety guidance, given above, has not been followed.

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