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OR Rowing

The Radley Mariners

Radleians first took to the water under the name of St Peter's College Boat Club from Sandford in 1849.  Over the years the RCBC has known many successes and has developed oarsmen who have gone on to represent their university, club or country at the highest levels.  The school has a history of distinguished and successful oarsmen and coaches.
Radley Mariners Boat Club (“RMBC”) is a rowing club authorised under GB Rowing rules. It is designed to promote the sport of Rowing particularly for OR oarsmen in their years after Radley. It also seeks to support Radley College Boat Club (RCBC) and parents and other supporters through the season. We are particularly proud that the overwhelming majority of OR Olympians have been Radley oarsmen in their youth.
In addition, the Radley Mariners Charitable Trust (“RMCT”) supports both RCBC and youth rowing in the Thames Valley region.
Radleians who have rowed at the College automatically become members of Radley Mariners Boat Club upon leaving and there are other members who have been associated with RCBC such as past and present coaches. Parents and other supporters who contribute to the RMCT will also be invited to become Associate Members.

Supporting Radley and Old Radleian Rowing

Supporting current boys
The Mariners help RCBC in a variety of ways including funding equipment to improve training facilities. Technology plays a significant role and over the years we have contributed significant sums to purchase specialist kit, for example video cameras, telemetry equipment and heart rate monitors. We do not purchase boats or oars because unlike a number of other schools we are fortunate that the College is in a position and willing to fund these. We also support the increasing number of boys undertaking the rigours of GB trials for the Junior Wold Championship and Coupe de la Jeunesse . 
Although the Mariners have no direct input into the running of RCBC, the experience of the committee as oarsmen and parents provides a useful sounding board for coaches, Radley Senior Management and the Warden.

Supporting Old Radleian (OR) Rowing
Financial assistance can be made available to ORs competing in the Boat Race, at International Under 23 and Senior level, and for Mariners’ crews competing at Henley.

Supporting parents and Club followers

Unlike most sports which take place within the confines of Radley or familiar school grounds, rowing events are spread far and wide around the south east and midlands. The sport is new to many supporters and our tents provide a focal point with catering arranged through an army of generous parents. Radley has become one of the best supported clubs on the rowing circuit and it is impossible to overstate the importance of strong, interested and happy support to the enjoyment and success of Radley crews.
At the Schools Head of the River held on the Boat Race course in London we have for many years provided lunch and a great viewing point for supporters at the Old Ship pub at Hammersmith. We arrange a lunch at the National Schools Regatta, the largest of the school summer events and we normally end the season with a well-supported drinks party for Members and their guests at Henley.

If you have a question about supporters’ arrangements, please contact a committee member. 

The Mariners executive committee & Radley Mariners Charitable Trust

The Mariners Executive Committee
President: Ollie Wynne-Griffith OR                     
Julian Beck OR                                    
Tom Durie OR                                        
Henry Morris OR                                       
Tim Senior                                                
Treasurer & Hon Sec:
Charles Behrens OR         
1st VIII Coach:
John Gearing                                  
Master in Charge of Rowing: 
Sam Townsend       
Luke Balleny OR                                                  
Jamie Gossage OR                                               
Ben Holden                                                         
Simon Shaw OR                                                  
Ashton Shuttleworth OR                                     

The Radley Mariners Charitable Trust (RMCT)
RMCT was set up to provide tangible support to Radley Rowing and to promote student and youth rowing throughout the Thames Valley. We have considered and made grants to a number of rowing- related projects and institutions such as:  Hinksey Sculling School, Great Marlow School, and Maidenhead Rowing Club in support of junior rowing. If you believe you may be eligible for support from RMCT, please contact a committee member.

Radley Mariners Associate membership

Parents and other supporters may become Associate Members as a way of supporting the Mariners and their work. There is no subscription and we would welcome any donation, but the guide level is £48 per annum by standing order. This is paid to The Radley Mariners Charitable Trust.
New members donating at the guide level or more will be given a Radley Mariners umbrella (the experience of many British summers has taught us this is not just a smart piece of kit but often an essential one!) the all-important Maltese Cross car sticker, and invitations to the drinks at Henley and other Mariners’ events.
For many parents this is a great way to show their support and feel part of a vibrant club.  For information on becoming an Associate Member please contact Julian Beck.

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