• Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 2HR
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OR Sailing

Old Radleian Sailing Association

The OR Sailing Association aims to provide social and competitive sailing for Old Radleians and their friends, maintaining an OR sailing community and a presence within the wider sailing community.  ORSA is open to all ORs, Honorary Members of the Radleian Society, current and past Radley parents and current members of Common Room.  The cost of fees, insurance etc is fully funded for those in tertiary education and in part for other members.

There are usually 4 – 5 events per annum plus additional meets at the Royal Thames Yacht Club in Knightsbridge.  For further information please visit their Facebook page.

If you would like to join, please email the secretary.  Membership is £20 per annum or a life membership is available for a £250 one off payment.

Club Contacts
Name Role Email Address
Andrew Collins Admiral andrew@andrewscollins.co.uk
Alexis Dogilewski Commodore alexis@dogilweski.com
Julian Facer Vice Commodore jands.facer@gmail.com
John Wylie Rear Commodore  
George Pitcher Secretary george.pitcher@hotmail.com
Simon Palmer Treasurer simonhpalmer@yahoo.co.uk

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