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Operation Radley

Operation Radley Fund

A new initiative, to be launched in 2017, that will fund grants for Radleians to reach out to the wider world by assisting charitable projects.

The idea is that Radleians in groups of five or six identify worthwhile charitable projects outside Radley (either in the UK or abroad) where they can make a difference as volunteers.  They will prepare a proposal for the funding of materials (not travel), present that proposal to a Sub-Committee of the Foundation Trustees, win a grant, organise and complete the project and then report back to the Foundation Trustees on what has been achieved. 

For example:

A group of six boys might decide to help redecorate a Children’s Day Centre in the suburbs of Swindon, Oxford or Hounslow.  They would need to decide the combination of skills needed within the team, agree roles and elect a leader.  Together, they would have to research the Day Centre, find out about the work it does and then put together a business case for the funding of cleaning materials, paint, brushes and maybe some posters and simple garden tools.  They would then present their case to the Foundation Trustees, gaining valuable experience in the process, and win some funding support. They will need to be at their best when discussing with the management of the Day Centre how and when to carry out the work that is needed.  Reporting back to the Foundation Trustees will create accountability.

The Operation Radley Fund is a capital fund within the Foundation.  Donations will be invested and only the income will be used for grants.  

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