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There are five specialist teachers within the Physics Department all of whom are graduates in Physics or Engineering. 

Each teaches the whole span of courses up to A level, and across the whole range of ability at Radley. We are ably supported by a full time and a part-time technician, which allows us to do plenty of practical work and to do demonstrations with everything from liquid nitrogen to superconductors. The department prides itself on the use of the departmental intranet to share resources and we also aim to use this and other resources to encourage independent learning amongst the boys. In the sixth form, a part of the Michaelmas exam in the Lower Sixth is based upon a Particle Physics self study package and many of the department act as mentors for the Extended Project qualification. There is a spirit of enthusiasm and fun within the department; we really do enjoy teaching Physics and aim to share this enthusiasm and passion with the boys.  

Every boy studies physics to year 11, sitting IGCSE Dual Award Science (Edexcel), which offers rigour but also plenty of opportunities to stimulate the imagination and intellectual curiosity of all. Typically thirty boys each year go on to A level (WJEC), with all modules, AS and A2, taken terminally at the end of year 13. This makes the A level course far more satisfying as it allows time for boys to develop a rounded view of the subject. A good proportion of boys each year go on to Oxbridge to follow Science or Engineering courses and we also use the Physics Olympiad as a means of challenging our more able boys. We also send at least 15 boys a year to other excellent universities (Durham and Bristol being perennial favourites) to read Engineering or Physical Sciences. Whilst we pride ourselves on the breadth of our teaching, we also achieve excellent results and in a typical year, over 90% of boys achieved a grade A or B at A level. Our GCSE results are similarly strong, with around 75% of boys achieving an A* or A and the subject is certainly seen within the school as challenging, exciting and relevant to a wide range of careers.

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