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Using LinkedIn

OR resources on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way of keeping in touch, sharing ideas and developing your career and professional network. The Radleian Society uses LinkedIn to support our members, and we have set up two 'gated' resources specifically for Radleians on LinkedIn.  

Radleian Society is our LinkedIn contact profile, designed to enable Radleians to see who they are connected to.

Connect with the Radleian Society

Old Radleians - RadleyForLife - a LinkedIn group area for Old Radleians to provide mentoring and ideas and seek advice and guidance.  This was set up by 20 ORs from all eras keen to benefit each other and Radley. This group now has nearly 2000 members.  

Join the RadleyForLife (RFL) group 

We would like you to use these LinkedIn areas to:

  1. Link up and reconnect with current and past OR friends
  2. Network with ORs in your profession or associated professions
  3. Keep in touch easily with the school and the Radleian Society: events, news, people
  4. Take part in discussions, debates or propose bold new ideas - air them on line with new and old friends
  5. Make contact with like-minded ORs from all generations
  6. Provide mentoring or find mentoring from those in your profession
  7. Offer a helping hand in hard times to the younger generations of ORs  

The radleyforlife (RFL) site has been an invaluable tool for me to connect and reconnect with fellow ORs of all generations.  It provides an unprecedented opportunity for ors to engage and support eachother in a variety of ways.  I strongly recommend all ors sign up to it. 

Duncan Crole, 1969 (B).

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