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The Richard Morgan Award

Richard Morgan Award - creating life-changing opportunities for talented boys

An ‘immediate use’ fund to widen entry and fund talented boys whose families could not otherwise afford the fees

An Old Radleian – we shall call him AD – sat cross-legged on the floor of a Community Centre in West London and made an instant decision. He was going to help one of these children from the local housing estate to change their life completely. AD was struck by the aura of despair and despondency that hung over the twelve boys as they described their everyday existence; he was shocked by their lack of ambition and hope. “If I were to offer one of you a completely different sort of education to the one you know now, would you be interested?” “Absolutely not” was the reply from eleven of the boys; but one said “tell me more, p l e a s e”.

And so started a long journey that would lead to the creation of ‘The Richard Morgan Award’ within the Radley Foundation and to the eventual arrival at Radley of the first Richard Morgan Award holder. In an act of extreme generosity and kindness, AD pledged £180,000 to the Foundation for the education of that boy – two years at a local prep school and five years at Radley. He wanted to pay tribute to Richard Morgan’s achievements at Radley and asked for the Award to be named in his honour.

This award creates life-changing opportunities for talented boys.

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