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Rowing Fundraiser

Rowing Fundraiser

On December the 7th-8th James Murrell and myself rowed from the Radley College Boat Club, Abingdon, down the Thames towards London. Our goal was to get as far as possible in the time given in the winter conditions (short daylight) and to raise money for the fantastic South African charity Nemato. On Tuesday 8th we finished at Walton Rowing club approx. 90 miles and 37 locks downstream from Radley. Whilst the weather was milder than may have been expected for the time of year the distance was more challenging than anticipated by two sprint rowers. There was also the surprise of three closed locks which forced us to carry not only the rowing boat, but the powerboat supporting us around the lock. This made progress difficult to say the least and precious daylight hours were lost. However we are very proud of our achievement and now hope to raise money for Nemato: change a life. Our target is to pass over £1,500 for the charity. We have a sponsor who will double up all giving up to a total of £750 – so any money you donate will be doubled up! 

Nemato is a fantastic charity, based in the Nelson Mandela township in South Africa. It aims to support and help children in a very deprived  area through its empowerment, sport and travel programmes. The sport mainly focuses on a small number of Olympic activities and it has had great success with its new rowing programme which is why we have chosen to try and fundraise for them. But the charity does so much more; in their own words they are delighted when their athletes win at sport but the programme is only successful if the young people can win at life. The charity thus also puts on homework clubs, provides food in a place where there all too often is none, it offers careers counselling in an area where unemployment is devastatingly high and gives HIV/ Aids counselling to young people who still do not understand the risks of unsafe sex. The focus may have originated in sport but the wider impact is immeasurable. Both Nemato and we would be extremely grateful for any donations towards this truly inspiring charity. The Charity is well known personally by our coach John Gearing and so we are very confident the money will be well spent..

As Nemato is registered in South Africa it proved impossible to use Just Giving and Virgin Giving and this explains my delay in writing to you. We have decided that the best way to raise would be through an isolated, private bank account in my incredibly honest father’s name! 100% of the funds raised will be passed directly to the charity with no agents or intermediaries involved.

If you are wishing to donate the account details are:

First Direct

Name: Will Hobhouse

sort code: 40-47-61

account number: 02343088

reference: Nemato  and your name

Thank you in advance for any donations you might give. We will let you know how it all goes and send you the final details in a month or so.

James Murrell and Max Hobhouse

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