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Senior Management Team

The Warden is ultimately responsible for all matters concerned with Radley and is responsible to the Council.

With them, he determines the College's direction, sets tone, priorities and standards, appoints staff, is the final arbiter in all matters of discipline, and is the school's figurehead for parents, staff, boys and prep school heads amongst others. He is assisted by the Senior Management Team.

The Senior Management Team is made up of the Warden, Sub Warden (who deputises for the Warden when required), Academic Director, three Senior Masters, the Bursar and Foundation Director.

The Bursar is responsible to Council for financial aspects of the school, its buildings and estates and other operational and commercial areas.

Welcome to Radley


John Moule



I rather fell into teaching. It was the British Academy's fault; their inexplicable decision not to fund a PhD into late 16th Century English theology meant that I was thrust into the real world in need of a job. Someone - I forget who - suggested teaching and I was lucky enough to get a job in the History and Politics department at Dean Close in Cheltenham. Having been educated at a comprehensive in Telford, I knew nothing about boarding or independent schools and thought I would probably do a couple of years or so. I loved it: the teaching, the boarding, the activities, the life. After five years in Gloucestershire, I was appointed as Head of History at Stowe and went on to run a boarding house for five years, ending up as Senior Housemaster and part of the management team. I moved to Bedford School in 2006 as Vice Master (senior Deputy Head) and became Head Master in September 2008. Very few roles would have excited me beyond Bedford . . . but Radley was one such place. I arrived here in September 2014. I am married to Diana and we have three children: Emily, Ben and Rachael.

Interests include an almost pathological commitment to armchair sports viewing, the theatre, membership of a local church, reading (political biography, theology, crime novels and P.G.Wodehouse for preference) and playing golf badly. My educational hobby-horses are the importance of independence in, between and beyond schools, of boys developing their own opinions, combatting utilitarianism in all its forms, seeing adherence to values and the development of character as more important than 'results', and believing passionately in as wide a provision of experience, opportunity and challenge in schools as possible. I am terrifically proud to be the 18th Warden of what is a wonderful school.

Ben Holden

Sub Warden


I was appointed by Dennis Silk in 1987 to teach Design and Technology and coach rowing. After five years as an assistant teacher, the opportunity to lead the department arose, following the departure of the incumbent HOD. Seven years later, the new millennium started with a move to Tutoring in D Social and in 2004 our children, Ruairidh and Sadhbh arrived. It was with heavy heart that I moved on from D Social in 2011, to begin a new chapter as part of the Senior Management Team. Radley is a unique place and I have always felt immensely proud of the understated excellence demonstrated by our boys in all that they do.

Stephen Rathbone

Academic Director


I studied History at Brasenose College Oxford and International Relations in the War Studies Department, King's College, London. Before coming to Radley, I worked at Haileybury College. At Radley, I have been Head of the Community Action Programme (leading trips to Romania and India), Head of History and Tutor of A Social. As Academic Director, I am responsible for all the aspects of academic life in the school, ranging from management of teaching departments, to universities and exams, but I also hold an exciting brief regarding the provision of carefully researched advice for the Warden and Council regarding future academic strategy. I thoroughly enjoy preparing Radleians for the manifold opportunities and challenges presented by a globalised economy and the ongoing technological revolution. When I am not dealing with senior management issues, I still teach half a timetable and continue to love the cut and thrust of History as a rigorous intellectual discipline. My hobbies do not involve the usual panoply of sporting activities, but in my case involve vermin control, logging and the collection of vintage agricultural machinery.

Harry Hammond

Senior Master


I came to Radley in 1994 to run the Chemistry Department. This was followed by twelve very happy years as G Social Tutor. When we moved out of the Social in 2010 we had a wonderful sabbatical, including a month teaching in Madagascar, before taking up our new roles: I became Head of Co-Curricular activities and my wife, Vanessa, took over as Registrar. In 2015 I became Head of External Affairs; which involves an overview of Admissions as well as a consideration of everything to do with Radley in the outside world. We have two grown up daughters – Georgina and Lucy – and lots of family in Norfolk, where both our families have lived for generations. We play a lot of golf in the holidays, enjoy beautiful walks on the Norfolk beaches with Nutmeg, the yellow Labrador, and I watch as much of Arsenal FC as I can.

Niall Murphy

Senior Master


I am the Senior Master responsible for all Co-Curricular activities, including Games, Oxbridge, Art, Drama, Music, CCF and others. Before coming to Radley I studied History at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and I represented the university at rugby and hockey. I have been at Radley since 1993, as a History don, resident sub-tutor, Head of History, Common Entrance History examiner, and latterly the first Tutor of K Social and a governor of Elstree School. Ros and I were married here and Niamh and Fintan were both born here. Besides academic matters, I am a sports coach of Rugby, Hockey and Athletics, and I enjoy seeing the boys in all the different activities that Radley has to offer. My interests outside Radley include all things Irish, and the wines and culture of Languedoc-Roussillon and Catalonia.

Roger Shaw

Senior Master


I started my teaching career at Radley and after a stint as Head of Mathematics at the King's School in Chester I returned. I am the Senior Master responsible for the database, reports, the calendar, the website, publications, policy documents and inspections. Previously I have run a Social, been Head of Exams and in charge of Community Partnerships, organising many projects in Romania and India. I am an inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate.

Andrew Ashton



After Newcastle Royal Grammar School, I studied chemistry at Oxford. I then moved into the banking sector where I spent many enjoyable years in a variety of roles. Looking for a new challenge, I was appointed Bursar in September 2008 and am responsible for overseeing the financial and operational aspects of the College and the management of the non-teaching staff. There is never a dull day.

I am married to Jillian and we have a young son, Philip. In the occasional spare time I can find, I enjoy playing real tennis (in the College’s excellent sports centre) as well as running.

Tel: 01235 543122

Philippa Roberts

DEVElopment director



I am joining Radley after nine years as Director of Development at Jesus College, Oxford.  Prior to Jesus, I worked for a number of charities, including the Zoological Society of London and Earthwatch Europe.  I also had experience of working within the corporate sector in the area of external relations.  As Development Director at Radley, I have responsibility for fundraising for the College and will be working closely with the Radleian Society to help strengthen the wider Radley community.  

I was brought up in London and read Zoology at New College, Oxford.  I live just outside Oxford with my 11-year old son and a shaggy lurcher.


Tel: 01235 543151

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