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Sewell Centre Gallery

Now situated in Clocktower Court, the Sewell Centre Gallery was re-opened in Spring 2014 by Old Radleian Sandy Nairne, former Director of the National Portrait Gallery.

This stunning, purpose built gallery is a well known exhibiting space in Oxfordshire and further afield. The gallery hosts six contemporary art shows a year and is open to Radley pupils, the College community and the general public. It aims to support local, up and coming artists and bring nationally and internationally established artists to this area. Over the last few years the gallery has exhibited work by well known artists such as Tracey Emin, Bridget Riley, Eduardo Paolozzi, Patrick Heron, Peter Lanyon and Alan Davie. Most importantly the gallery is a valuable educational resource in keeping with the liberal aesthetic founding vision of Radley College. It plays a vital role in keeping the visual arts well and truly at the heart of College life.


Oxford Art Society Members' Exhibition 2018

Private view 6-8pm on February 23rd to be officially opened by Martin Kemp, Emeritus Professor of the History of Art, Trinity College, Oxford.
Exhibition runs from Saturday 24 February-March 23 open daily 10am-4pm.

The Oxford Art Society was founded in 1891. It is an exhibiting society of painters, sculptors, printmakers and ceramicists. Works are selected by a panel of members and an independent judge. 



Previous Sewell Centre Gallery Exhibitions

'To the Lighthouse'. Exhibiting (13th January to 9th February 2018)

The Sewell Centre Gallery is delighted to be exhibiting 'To the Lighthouse - an artistic response to St Ives and West Cornwall.' This exhibition has been made possible by Lizzie Collins and Zuleika Gallery and features work by many well known British artists including Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Terry Frost, Patrick Heron, Breon O'Casey, John Wells and Sandra Blow. For more information please follow the link below.


'The Winter Show' (November 11th to December 11th) 

The 2017 Winter Show brought together three very distinctive artists. East Anglian potter Angela Mellor exhibited alongside North Oxford painter Marie Boyle and East Oxford artist Jonathan Shapley. An exhibition of paint, pottery and collage.


Judith Ernsting - Landscapes (September 30th to October 12th) 

Judith Ernsting works from observational drawings and responds to the juxtaposition of shapes and forms manipulating the textures and surfaces of the materials chosen. An exhibition of paint, pastels and collage.


Walter Lindner (9th to 22nd September 2017)

Local gallerist and archivist Simon Hearnden helped us showcase the wonderful monotypes of former Berlin artist Walter Lindner (1936-2007). Walter Lindner left a wonderful legacy of beautiful, masterful and distinctive artworks that have only recently surfaced, thanks to Simon.


'A Different Take' (22nd April to 18th May 2017)

An exhibition of sculptures by Alison Berman, a sculptor who works with a wide variety of materials from paper and clay to reclaimed exhaust pipes. 


'The Writing on the Wall: a Homage to Hemingway' (25th February to 28th March 2017)
An exhibition that is inspired by Oxfordshire artist George Fox’s travels through the cultural centres of Europe. 


'British Abstract' (20th January to 9th February 2017)

An exhibition of post war painting by prominent British artists living and working in St Ives and Penwith, West Cornwall in the 1950s and 60s. Deriving their inspiration from reality and most notably from the landscape surrounding them. 


'The Winter Exhibition of Contemporary British Art' (11th November to 13th December 2016)
A mixed media exhibition of work by modern and contemporary British artists.


'Sense of Place' (8th to 21st October 2016)
An exhibition of drawings and prints by Jeanette Barnes RA who was also commissioned to draw Radley Chapel.


'The Colour of Place' by Jon Rowland (10th to 30th September 2016)

An exhibition featuring the work of Oxford based abstract painter Jon Rowland whose work is inspired by the colour of place.


'Hopes, Dreams: statements of intent explored' by Letter Exchange (the society of lettering artists)
16th April to 13th May 2016

An exhibition of works by members of Letters Exchange.


Responsive Eye Revisited (15th January to 11th February 2016)

The Sewell Centre Gallery Responsive Eye Revisited exhibition featured 22 works of art and including many of the original artists shown at MOMA in 1965. A rare opportunity to see work by Bridget Riley, Antonio Asis, Francois Morelett, Peter Sedgley, Alberto Biasi and others. 

With Op-Art’s place so firmly established in the canon of 20th-century avant-garde movements, it is hard to imagine today the ambivalence that met the opening of MOMA's 1965 show, THE RESPONSIVE EYE. It attracted more than 180,000 visitors from all walks of life and was heralded as “one of the most exciting artistic events in a decade”.

Radley parent, Jeremy Wiltshire loaned the Sewell Centre Gallery this body of work because of the huge educational value of making important art accessible to Radley students. Exhibiting work by world renowned artists such as Tracey Emin and Bridget Riley has enormous relevance to contemporary art history and stimulates invaluable discourse and debate.


February to March 2014:

The Oxford Art Society Members' Exhibition, organised by Judy Harris, Exhibitions Organiser for the Oxford Art Society, opened in the Sewell Centre Gallery during February 2014. The Private View was officially opened by Andrew Nairne, director of Kettle's Yard, Cambridge and son of the late Sir Patrick Nairne, a long-serving Radley Council member.

Andrew spoke about his father's work, a collection of his watercolours featured in the exhibition, and his belief in the importance of the visual arts. Sir Patrick opened the original Sewell Gallery in 1979, so it seems fitting to exhibit his work in the first year of the new Sewell Centre Gallery.

Musical entertainment was provided by 6.1 pianist,William Dodd. 

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