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Sixth Form Boys Clothing

The following information is intended for new Sixth Form parents. 

Daywear, Sportswear and Shop

Please do not order any clothing until your son has a confirmed place in the school and you have been informed of your son's Social. 


Daywear is supplied by Shepherd and Woodward. You may well already have much of this but you can order any additional items from Shepherd and Woodward. A full list of Daywear is as follows:

  • 1 Gown (social specific)
  • 1 Social tie (given by the Tutor)
  • 1 Linen bag
  • 2 Sock bags
  • 1 Plain dark grey suit
  • 1 Blazer
  • 1 Navy blue or grey pullover (V necked)
  • 2 Pairs of dark grey trousers
  • 8 Pairs of plain dark socks
  • 2 White formal shirts
  • 6 Formal weekday shirts (lighter shades)
  • 6 Pairs boxer shorts/pants
  • 1 Pair black leather shoes (not suede)
  • A selection of casual clothes for the weekend

You can buy Daywear by ordering on line at www.shepherdandwoodward.co.uk/radley or by visiting their High Street shop in Oxford. If you visit Radley during the week of 25th to 30th June then you can purchase daywear from our ‘Pop Up’ shop in the Mansion at Radley: Monday 25th to Saturday 30th June 9.30 am-4.00 pm.

Sportswear and Equipment

Sixth Formers are advised to wait until they visit Radley before they buy their Sportswear. A discussion with your Tutor and the Radley shop manager will help you to decide which sports kit you will need. If neccessary it will not be a problem to do this in the first few days of term when you arrive in September. 

Pop Up Shop (Monday 25th to Saturday 30th June 9.30 am - 4.00 pm.)

Come and try on and place orders for Daywear and Sportswear. No appointment is necessary but it would be helpful if you could email or call Derek Copson (Shop Manager) at shop@radley.org.uk or 01235 543108 to let us know the day that you intend to come. Thank you.

Name Tapes

Radley will order school name tapes and will arrange for all his daywear (from Shepherd and Woodward) and his sportswear to be named and ready for his arrival at Radley in September.  We will also send a good quantity of name tapes to you for any other clothing that he is bringing to Radley.

Leisure Dress

After lunch on Saturday and after morning Chapel on Sunday boys may wear leisure dress. Casual footwear (e.g. deck shoes) is advisable.  The current school rules define permissible leisure dress more precisely and boys have to obey the spirit of the regulations, which are aimed at comfort rather than expensive showiness.


Parents should ensure that all clothes and duvets are suitable for machine washing and tumble drying (ideally, polycotton). Hand washable items cannot be laundered at school. There is a dry cleaning service for suits, gowns, jackets etc. for which there is an extra charge. There is no extra charge for laundry, the cost of which is included in the basic fees.

Shop: Pocket Money/Cashless Cards

We operate a ‘cashless card’ system (EPOS) for purchases of food and drink in Shop and the Clocktower Court Coffee Shop.  Your son will automatically have £80 credit on his account and this can be topped up by you if required later in the term.  Shop also accepts cash and, from parents, credit cards.

In terms of pocket money, the norm for a new boy is approximately £40 per term and this money should be placed with the Tutor's Social bank, either in the form of cash or by cheque made out to ‘Radley College A/C’.

When your son is at Radley he will be able to buy replacement items of clothing through Shop or you can continue to go via Shepherd and Woodward.

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