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Sixth Form Induction

On the first day of the Michaelmas Term a full induction programme is organised for new Sixth Formers.

Final details of the programme will be sent to you in the Summer Term but the day will follow the following format:

  • 13.30: Please arrive at Social, meet the Tutor and 6.1 Mentor and drop off luggage.
  • 14.00pm: Reception in Clocktower Court Coffee Shop for you and your son with Senior Management, including a welcome from the Warden.
  • 14.30pm: Parent farewells.  Mr Hammond takes boys to the Theatre for photos with Mr Shaw.
  • 14.45pm: Meeting Mr Hammond and Mr Barlass (Co-ordinator of Teaching and Learning): "Life at Radley" - History Room H5.
  • 15.15pm: Tour of College with Mentors. To finish at IT Room 1.
  • 16.00pm: IT induction in IT Room 1.  Boys need their mobile phones for this.
  • 16.45pm: Mr Hammond will pick up the boys and take back to H5 for information/questions about A Levels with Mr Rathbone (Academic Director) and Mr Wiseman (Head of Maths). 
  • 17.30pm: Supper with Mentors, then back to Social.
  • 20.30 Chapel then back to Social.

The Tutor will appoint a Sixth Form Mentor who will take particular responsibility for the new boy.  Mentors act as guides around College for the first few days, ensuring that boys are able to find their way to lessons and activities.  They are also expected to keep the Tutor informed of the settling in process and raise any issues that may be of concern.

In addition to a Tutor, each boy has a Form Master, who plays an integral role in monitoring new boys’ progress.  They are carefully chosen and will teach one of the new boy’s A level subjects so that there is a clear link, through the Form Master, to University application. Whilst the role of the Form Master is predominantly academic supervision, they all take an active role in providing support and advice for their form in all areas of their life at college. 


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