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Social Prayers

Social Prayers is a weekly assembly held in the boarding house on a Wednesday evening in place of Chapel.   All members of the Social attend Social Prayers and guest speakers are often invited.   Social Prayers is widely used as an opportunity to celebrate the successes of individuals, teams or the Social as a whole, with awards being bestowed on those who have made significant contributions in the past week.

The visiting speaker’s address is always eagerly anticipated.  A senior boy in the Social is given responsibility for inviting speakers for the term, both from Common Room and also boys from other Socials.  We are always impressed by the confidence with which boys will deliver a talk to their peers in other Socials and seek to encourage this approach ever more widely. The talk can be on any subject dear to the speaker’s heart and will usual have a strong moral message.

The Tutor will also use Social Prayers as an opportunity to communicate important notices.

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