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Spanish Exchange: Visit from Viaró School

Spanish Exchange: Visit from Viaró School

Pictured, the exchange students from Viaro School in Barcelona, along with their Radley exchanges in the Removes. The Viaro Party arrived at Radley on Tuesday, April 26th and have been fully involved in classes and other activities: for example, the ‘England vs Spain’ Football match, held on the evening of Wednesday, April 27th.

Below is a report by Will Redley, K Social and Jake Terry, C Social. Please also click on the video below to see what Viaró School thought of the exchange:  

Viaro School Video

Day 1

After a slightly delayed arrival, the boys from Viaró received a warm greeting and went straight to supper, where the “Harry Potter”-like hall and the incredible food amazed them. At 6.45pm we gathered in the New Pavilion to hear the Warden’s welcome to the Viaró boys. The Warden spoke a bit of Spanish – which surprised us all – and then spoke in English and told us about the importance of learning a foreign language and meeting different people and cultures. We then went to Chapel and afterwards had a bit of entertainment in the New Pavilion. Hugo Bertie (E Social) welcomed everyone playing bagpipes, Jamie Walker (K Social) recited a Shakespeare speech, Will Redley (K Social) did a reprise of his award-winning declamation, Usman Ladan (F Social) played a medieval guitar piece, Ignacio Urzáiz (F Social) played his violin and at the end John Fu (D Social) entertained us with some impressive card tricks. After that they left very tired and returned to their YHA youth hostel in Oxford.

Day 2

After Period 1 we picked up our ‘brothers’ and went to Period 2 which was  Science, before moving on to Geography in Period 3. At short break they said that the lessons were completely different to the ones in Viaró, the main difference being the frequency of the exchanges between the students and the teacher, but the Spaniards had no trouble understanding the English. After the break we went to G Social for an incredible Spanish lesson with Mr Dalrymple where we made English ‘tapas’ of Welsh rarebit, and fish and tartare sauce. Then we went to lunch after the two periods and to the coffee concert where there was some awesome jazz where Jude Dobby, Lucas Ely, and Will Redley, a member of the exchange, played for us. Then we went to afternoon lessons and to APT, which led on to the highlight of the trip for the Viaró boys, which was the visit to Mr Noone’s lab. They were all amazed by the animals and the range of things that Radley has in its classrooms. After that we had Burger Night which was, as usual, incredible and then after Social Prayers we played our football match: England vs Spain. To keep the game short, England lost 2-0. After our draw in Spain, we were distraught, but all shook their hands and sent them off for their second night.

Day 3 

We met them at 4 o’clock in Oxford to go to Christchurch College. Most of them hadn’t visited Oxford University before. Miss Hurley gave us an informative tour of the college. We looked around the hall, the Cathedral and the quad, all of which were similar to Radley’s. After getting the train back to Radley, we had supper and went to Chapel, which again our friends were impressed by. The best part of their day was seeing Battle of the Bands where there was jazz and rock fusion. They told us that the music isn’t such a pivotal part of life at Viaró, but that they liked the fact that it is at Radley.

Day 4

At 9:15 that morning we greeted our exchanges for the final time at Radley with the long weekend looming, and the Viaró boys looking forward to what the weekend might hold. All took the first three lessons of the day on well and the Viaró boys again had no trouble understanding English. Some exchange students were taken to the Radley Shop at short break and were bought the very famous cookies or a chicken kebab by the Radley boys. They were amazed by the food. With only the long weekend in our minds, the next lessons went by without delay and it was at this point when the Radley parents of the exchange and students were to meet in the MFL department. The Viaró boys were nervous at first, however after a long car journey of talking and getting to know the families of the Radley boys this changed their mind-set. Each Viaró boy from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning had their own time with the Radley families. This mainly consisted of tourism, because it was some of the Viaró boys first time in London.

Day 5

Diverse activities with Radley families

Day 6

After an early start for most, all families drove to Heathrow for an early flight. The farewell between Radley and Viaró was emotional, however it was a wonderful experience and we are sure that all of the boys will stay in touch.

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